Harnessing the Benefits of Temporary Staffing

Temporary workers have always played a valuable role in our nation’s workforce. From healthcare to manufacturing, many industries have discovered the benefits of temporary staffing. In fact, the temporary workforce reached a peak in 2022 when temporary staff made up 2.1% of the workforce, with only a slight decline since then.

Companies of any size can tap into the benefits of temporary staffing. Here are just some of the ways that temporary workers can transform your business.

What Is Temporary Staffing?

Temporary staffing refers to the hiring of workers for a limited period of time. “Temp” employees can work full-time or part-time depending on the needs of the hiring company. Temporary employees commonly work for a third-party staffing agency (a “temp” agency), though they may also be hired directly by the company.

This makes temporary workers different from freelancers or contract workers. Contract workers are hired for a very specific purpose, usually to complete a project. Contract workers are therefore bound only to the terms of the contract. Similarly, freelance workers may serve shorter contracts and are typically self-employed workers who may serve multiple clients at the same time.

A temporary worker, on the other hand, will be under the authority of the company they work for. For all intents and purposes, they will function just as any other employee within the organization — they’ll just have a predetermined time limit.

Benefits of Temporary Staffing for Employers

Employers gain access to several unique benefits of temporary staffing, including the following.

Immediate or Last-Minute Coverage

Temporary workers don’t have to go through the usual hiring process. This saves time and allows companies to bring on employees for immediate or unexpected needs — such as last-minute coverage for a vital area of their business.

Access to High-Caliber Talent

Many staffing agencies maintain a roster of high-quality job candidates. By hiring one of these temporary workers, you may gain access to workers with far more experience than you’d typically get in a new hire, all without the cost of adding to your corporate headcount.

Flexibility in Your Workforce

Temporary workers let you flex your workforce up or down based on the direction of the economy. This allows you to control payroll costs while still accessing the staff that your business needs.

Reduced Administrative Burden

A recruiting agency will handle the burden of payroll fees, benefits administration, and more. You’ll experience minimal administrative tasks and simply pay an all-inclusive hourly rate.

Benefits of Temporary Staffing for Employees

Employees can likewise tap into the benefits of temporary staffing, including the following.

Flexible Scheduling

Temp workers can enjoy greater flexibility in their schedules. This includes the day-to-day schedule that they have at a given job as well as the long-term flexibility that comes from working from multiple companies.

Career Flexibility

Freelancers may especially love the chance to work for multiple clients at once. This gives them the opportunity to build a diverse client portfolio rather than commit to one full-time employer.

Diverse Industry Opportunities

While some temporary employees stay within a particular industry, many others love the flexibility of serving many different companies and sectors. Recent college or high school graduates may use this as a chance to “try on” different careers as they pursue a future full-time job.

Resume Material

Temporary assignments are a great way to gain extra experience. Temp workers can use multiple assignments to quickly build their resume, using their diverse experiences as leverage for a future career.

Faster Employment

According to, the hiring process can take as long as 30 days for most companies. However, many workers can get hired for a temporary position much faster, and this translates into a faster paycheck.

Reasons a Company May Need or Prefer Temporary Staffing

Why might a company consider temporary staffing rather than a traditional hiring process? Here are some of the reasons organizations commonly hire temporary staff.

Holidays and Seasonal Demand

Some seasons are busier than others. Retailers often hire temporary staff in the months that lead up to the holidays. Likewise, accounting businesses often need more help during the tax season. Temporary employees enable companies to fill these roles without hiring a year-round employee.

Leave Coverage

Many companies offer long-term medical leave, including maternity/paternity leave. But someone has to pick up the slack while the employee is away. Temp workers can be a great way to fill a gap until the full-time staff member is able to return.

Completing a Project

Sometimes, a company doesn’t need a worker as much as it needs to complete a project. That’s why it helps to hire a temporary freelance worker or contractor. For instance, it may make more sense to temporarily hire a web developer to build your website rather than hire a full-time marketing professional.

High Turnover

Data from LinkedIn indicates that both sales and IT have turnover rates of around 10%. Managers can fill gaps in these roles by hiring temporary workers. Recruiting agencies can even supply fresh talent for roles that have such high turnover to maintain your needed headcount.

Financial Flexibility

One of the greatest benefits of temporary staffing is the financial flexibility that comes with it. During periods of economic prosperity, businesses can hire additional staff to help grow their business. But they don’t have to make a long-term financial commitment the way they do when they hire permanent staff.

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