What Is Temporary Staffing?

Temporary staffing, and its benefits, can be misunderstood by some job seekers. Yet in cases where a candidate wants to work for only a short period of time, try multiple industries or roles before committing to a single career path, or work on a project basis with multiple clients, temporary staffing might be the preferred solution.

Temporary staffing is when a person works with a company in a specific position for a defined period of time on a contractual basis. The length of the assignment may vary, and the hours can be either full or part-time. There are benefits to temporary work for both employers and temp workers. When the right employees are matched with temp jobs, this arrangement can be advantageous for everyone.

Why Would a Company Look for Temporary Staffing?

There are a few common reasons why companies look to hire temporary staff members, including fluctuating personnel needs and a temporary opening when a long-term staff member is gone.

Employee Leave

When an employee goes on leave, their temporary absence might leave their company without the critical resources required to keep operations running smoothly. Temporary employees are the preferred solution for many of our clients in this scenario.

Postponing business goals or slowing productivity is not an option. We recommend that companies leverage the talents of a qualified temporary employee for the duration of the original team member’s leave. Rest assured, the temporary talent that we partner with at Career Group Companies is of the same caliber as any full-time candidate.

Seasonal Staffing Needs

Many businesses have buyer traffic that ebbs and flows with the seasons. For our clients in retail or hospitality, this is especially true during the holidays or summer months. For our finance and accounting clients, they may need extra support during tax season.

In cases like these, temporary staffing arrangements allow business owners to hire staff at volume or at a quicker pace for the busy season. Our temporary staffing standby program allows our clients to quickly scale their teams up or down depending on demand.

Short-Term Projects

There are a lot of potential scenarios in which a business may  have project-based hiring needs.. Many of our clients seek high-level consultants to contribute to an upcoming project or campaign. Some companies need freelance creative talent to assist with an upcoming pitch. Others hope to hire temporary talent with a certain expertise or proficiency that no current team members possess. Whatever the reason, using temporary staffing to supplement or enhance the existing team when projects demand more hands on deck can give these business owners the ability to accomplish more in a shorter period of time..

Benefits of Bringing on Temporary Staff

If you’re wondering what is temporary staffing going to do for your company, know that business owners can gain a lot from hiring temporary team members. The following are four of the most common benefits our clients typically experience when they embrace temporary employment.

Significant Cost Savings

One of the biggest business benefits that come with hiring temporary employees is the inherent cost savings this model can bring. With temporary hiring, business owners do not have the responsibility of providing benefits. Instead, Career Group Companies become the Employer of Record, and we take care of associated payroll fees and employment taxes as well as handling benefits administration for eligible temporary workers.

Business owners also aren’t obligated to provide paid time off or paid  holiday time, as those perks are usually reserved for full-time employees.

Hire Without Adding Headcount

In addition, temporary employees offer flexibility for teams who need additional support, but may not have budget approval for a full-time hire. Maybe you need to bring on strong talent, but your organization is on an official hiring freeze, or in-between budget approval periods. In these instances, hiring temporaries is a great way to bring in the support you need without adding to headcount.

This also ensures business owners are able to flex their headcount up or down as needed based on the current revenue outlook.

Performance-Based Hiring

With temporary staffing, you can allow contract employees a probationary period to prove their expertise and work ethic. If they do well, you’ll gain the benefit of bringing on new talent based on performance instead of potential. Often this is referred to as a temp-to-hire arrangement, with a predefined timeline for the contract period. After that time is up, the employer and employee both agree whether or not to convert the position to full-time, or part ways.

Parting Ways

Sometimes an employee just isn’t a good fit for the position you’ve hired them for. Other times the needs of the project may abruptly shift or end. Temporary staffing makes termination easier if for any reason the assignment needs to be ended. As a business owner, you don’t have to handle the termination paperwork yourself, as your staffing agency partner, Career Group Companies  will take care of the associated administrative tasks.

Benefits of Being a Temporary Employee

Temporary staffing doesn’t just benefit employers. Job seekers often gain a lot from their temporary positions.

Learning Opportunities

Some job seekers use temporary staffing as a way to learn about or try out a new career or gain necessary experience in a different field. Others may pick up temporary work as a supplement to their main career path, or in between other gigs. For these job seekers, the nature of temporary work is appealing.

Plus, if you know you won’t be in a role long, or you’re unsure of your long-term interest in a position, temporary roles eliminate any ambiguity. Hiring managers looking for temporary employees already know they may not intend to stay long and still welcome the opportunity to work with them.

Permanent Position Opportunities

Some employers use temporary staffing as a way to offer employees the opportunity to work on a trial basis with the potential for full-time employment if they meet performance standards. This is usually referred to as a temp-to-hire arrangement.

These types of opportunities can help candidates get their foot in the door with highly sought-after companies and industries, turning a temporary employment opportunity into the position of their dreams.


Some employees enjoy switching jobs more frequently or being able to pick up (and put down) work whenever they need it. What is temporary staffing if not an extremely flexible employment situation? It accommodates those who choose unconventional employment or don’t want to make long-term commitments to one company.

For some job seekers, those in the creative industries especially, their work is naturally project-based or freelance. They may choose to work with multiple clients at a time on a contract basis, or go from one project to the next.

Career Group Companies Is Your Partner for Temporary Talent

As industry leaders, the recruiting professionals at Career Group Companies are pioneers of the curated approach to career matchmaking. We believe in taking a personalized, high-touch approach to recruitment in order to form deeper relationships with our clients and candidates that ultimately lead to smarter career matches.

If you’re seeking to hire temporary talent, our strategic approach can help you secure the most impactful talent. Contact us to start your search today.

If you’re a job seeker, Career Group Companies can connect you to exclusive opportunities. Whether you’re seeking flexibility and balance in your work life or you want to get on the path to something more permanent, contact us today to learn more about our matching process and available opportunities.

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