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When surveyed, 8 out of 10 employed candidates stated they were open to new job opportunities.

In the last year, we have paid close attention to the evolving needs of candidates. We're sharing the latest hiring trends to help you recruit and hire the best long-term fit. Download the Career Group Companies Market Trend Report to gain exclusive data – from salary benchmarking to the benefits and perks that matter most to job seekers.

"No two days are ever alike. Being a recruiter requires rigor, curiosity, a great deal of empathy, and understanding our greatest asset: people."

– Susan Levine
CEO & Founder
Career Group Companies

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Sample Page from Market Trend Report, The number one priority for our candidates has been flexibility. Whether it’s a hybrid schedule, unlimited or generous PTO, or a strong work-life balance, candidates are drawn to roles that allow them to design their lives and schedules to fit their unique needs and circumstances. 

54% of candidates said hybrid is their preferred work model
While 34% of candidates said fully remote and 11% said fully on-site.

If given the option between an on-site dream job and a hybrid role that checks fewer boxes, candidates tend to choose the hybrid option.
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Letter from Susan Levine, CEO of Career Group Companies: Beyond the horizon – what’s next for 2024
This year is off to a strong start. As we continue to grow we are expanding our services to meet our client’s important needs. We have seen increased momentum in the private sector, and in order to meet the high volume of needs, growth, and expansion we have increased our already vast network of private services and family office talent. Due to the market demands in Dallas, Texas, we have launched our newest office to service our growing clients’ needs. We have made a strong impact and we are excited for the growth and what the future holds. 

We have built our reputation on trust, strong client relationships, and the ability to move swiftly while maintaining our hands-on partnership. Our deep network of referrals has been a constant. As a hiring partner, we understand the importance of curiosity, gaining culture insights, listening, and always asking relevant questions in order to understand the nuances of each and every client. We are educators, always in constant communication with our clients, which enables us to anticipate their future needs and how to scale in the future. We gauge where the market is through our network of strong talent and our exceptional clients who are highly impressive and leaders within their industries. We are strong advisors and consultants who work hand in hand with world-class companies and iconic brands. 
A Sense of Anticipation
The job market is healthy and continuing to pick up at a steady pace – as evidenced by the current unemployment rate of 3.7%, which is significantly lower than the long-term average of 5.7%. As we wade through any uncertainty, we are anticipators and very proactive. 2024 promises to bring new opportunities for growth and long-term success for companies of all sizes across industries. As you plan your hiring strategy, our firm is ready and motivated to serve as a resource and strategic partner. We are invested in our clients and the journey of sourcing the perfect fit to elevate their company culture. We are committed to the impactful work we do and the difference we make in our talent's lives, and I look forward to our lasting partnership.

“No two days are ever alike. Being a recruiter requires rigor, curiosity, a great deal of empathy, and understanding our greatest asset: People.”
Sample Page from the 2024 Market Trend Report, reading "2024 the Market Unveiled with Susan Levine: Charting the Course. The past three years have been both rewarding and challenging. The fluctuating markets have shaped our trajectory as a business while sharpening our skills as hiring advisors in tremendous ways. While hiring increased rapidly in 2021 and 2022, 2023 brought a different reality. We observed companies cutting down on excess costs and restructuring teams to meet new business demands. Heading into 2024, we’re excited to see hiring continue at a strong and steady pace while setting the precedent for a stabilized post-pandemic market.

Our clients are moving forward with an increased sense of strategy, purpose, and intention with hiring. Previous unpredictability in the employment market has calmed, and the stability allows for more thoughtful hires, where in-depth searches for 1–2 senior positions replace shorter searches for 3–5 more junior titles. Our clients are seeking experienced talent and senior candidates to support this revitalized structure. Hiring strategies centered around quality over quantity are taking precedence and, as recruiters and advisors, our expertise is being called on more than ever before to find candidates who are truly at the top of their game.
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