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Should I use a staffing agency to find a job?

Yes! Staffing agencies act as the middleman between you and the hiring manager. They advocate on your behalf, submit your resume and help a hiring manager understand why you’re the best candidate for the job. Plus, using a staffing industry is a free resource - providing you much needed career guidance and a leg up on the competition. Employers will partner with recruiting agencies to find the best talent, and often give staffing agencies exclusive listings you can’t find on public job boards.

Is there a fee associated with your services?

No — working with a Career Group Companies recruiter is a free resource to utilize in your job search. Our biggest incentive is finding the job that’s right for you.

I recently moved to a new city. Do you offer relocation services?

While we don’t currently offer relocation services, you can still use us as a resource. You can apply for jobs in your target city, and we can bring you in for an interview once you officially move!

I've been applying to jobs and I haven't heard from a recruiter. When can I expect to hear back?

We take the time to consider each resume submitted for a role, and we value the time you spent applying. If you haven’t heard back, it’s possible that the jobs you’ve applied for have already been filled, or we’re no longer looking for that specific type of candidate. Keep applying to open jobs and updating your resume, and a recruiter will contact you when a role is a great fit — that dream job is out there, we know it!

Why do I have to fill out application paperwork?

In order to consider you for employment opportunities, we first need to determine your work eligibility and legal compliance. Rest assured, our secure platform keeps your personal information safe and confidential. If at any point you are uncomfortable filling out personal details, ask your recruiter if it is okay to wait on certain steps.

How do I get in touch with a recruiter at Career Group Companies?

To register as a candidate, check out a few of our open opportunities that align with your career interests. If you are a fit for the specific role you are applying for, one of our recruiters will be in contact to take further steps.

Can I receive benefits through your firm as a temporary employee?

For temporary employees on long-term assignments - those lasting multiple months - we offer certain benefits packages. Your recruiter will give you more specifics when you are placed on a temporary assignment that is eligible for benefits.

I'm interested in using your recruiting services but I haven't seen an opportunity that is a fit for my skills and experience. Can I still submit a resume?

Currently, candidates must apply to one of our open roles to connect with a recruiter. We post new opportunities daily across all functions and industries, and we encourage you to keep checking back to see what new roles we have. If you’re interested in our top jobs, expert tips, and other advice to move your job search forward, be sure to sign up for our weekly e-newsletter.

I need help submitting my timesheet. Who can I contact?

If you’re unsure about where to submit your timesheet or if you filling it out correctly, you can reach out to the recruiter who placed you in the role – they will get you squared away.

What are some common interview questions I can expect from my first meeting with a recruiter?

Your initial meeting with a Career Group Companies recruiter will feel a lot like a job interview. We like to take time to meet our candidates face to face, so we can make the best matches based on chemistry, as well as skillset and experience. You should bring a copy of your resume and be prepared to answer questions regarding your experience, your ideal job and work environment, and your salary expectations. Our goal is to get to know you on a deeper level so we can better serve you in your job search.

Do you offer entry-level jobs?

Yes! Many of our positions are open to recent graduates or early career professionals. If you see an opening on our site you’d like to apply for, send in a resume! One of our recruiters will be in touch if they feel you are a good fit for the role.

If I book temp work through Career Group Companies, will I be an independent contractor?

One of the benefits to freelancing or booking temp work with a recruiting agency is working on a W4. If we are able to place you on a job as a temporary employee, you will become an employee of Career Group Companies and receive a W2 at the end of the year for your hours worked. For many freelancers and temporaries, this is a huge perk come tax season. Just another reason Career Group Companies is one of the best staffing firms in the nation.

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How does Career Group Companies compare to other recruiting firms?

We think we're the best recruiting firm around. Career Group Companies has been recognized on Forbes list of “America’s Best Recruiting Firms” several years in a row, and we are one of only 16 firms to be named in all 3 categories. Our recruiters are at the top of their fields, and use their industry expertise to create amazing career matches. As a boutique staffing firm, we are able to offer more personalized searches and a more nuanced approach than larger companies, while our unique umbrella structure still allows us to tap into the network of a much larger firm. We take the time to get to know our clients and candidates on a deeper level, as evidenced by our long standing client relationships. Experience the difference - connect with us today.

What does a staffing agency do?

If you have an open role and are in need of a top-tier candidate, staffing agencies help you identify the perfect match. They will conduct nuanced searches, screen and vet candidates, and present the best options for your consideration. When it comes time to hire, recruiting firms are also incredibly helpful. For temporary hires, your recruiting partner will handle the onboarding paperwork, payroll, and ongoing employee management. For a direct hire candidate, the staffing agency will help you onboard the individual directly into your organization. To get started, contact one of our offices to speak with an account manager.

What type of employees do you place?

We place freelance, temporary, temp-to-hire, direct hire, and event staff employees across the country. We also offer payrolling services for temporary or part-time workers, and retained search at the executive level.

How much does it cost to work with Career Group Companies?

Bill rates for our services vary depending on the position, employment type, experience level, and length of assignment. After contacting one of our offices, your account manager can speak to specifics.

I need help approving timesheets for my candidates. Who can I contact?

If you’re unsure about how to access or approve timesheets, you can reach out to your account manager and they’ll provide you with guidance.

How quickly can an employee start?

Through our standby program, we have the ability to fill open roles immediately with our exceptional pool of talent.

I'm short-staffed. How can I handle last-minute or short term staffing needs?

As a top temp agency, this is our specialty. In our Los Angeles, New York, San Francisco, Miami, and Dallas offices, our recruiters have a curated network of temp candidates available for last minute openings or immediate coverage for a wide range of positions. To get started, contact one of our offices to speak with an account manager.

I love the freelance talent you placed with our organization and would like to convert them to full time. How can I make this happen?

We LOVE when that happens! If you’re interested in bringing your contracted employee on your team full-time, you can let your account manager know and they will get the process started.