The Power of Temporary Work

Temporary and freelance work can be a powerful way to build your resume and gain experience, yet many job seekers have yet to explore opportunities in the freelance sector. If you are in between jobs or trying to maneuver into a new industry, pursuing temporary jobs can be a strategic choice in building your career.  

Why Temporary Work

Temp is a way in - a way to get yourself in the door quickly. Not only is the hiring process often faster and more efficient, but you are gaining valuable work experience and industry connections that will help you down the road.  It may be helpful to think of temporary work as a working interview. Skills that may be difficult to highlight on a resume or during an interview can shine in a temporary role. If you are showing up early, working diligently, and volunteering to take on more responsibilities, you will be noticed by your employer. Your personality, work ethic, and other tangible skills can be seen in action, and many temp jobs have the potential to lead to a full-time job offer. Working temporary jobs increases your likelihood of getting hired; you are given the opportunity to show who you are beyond your resume and that speaks volumes to employers.  


One major advantage of temporary work is the ability to build your professional network. Even if you don’t get a job offer immediately upon completing your assignment, the team you worked with will remember the impact you made. Oftentimes these opportunities will grow into a full-time offer when a position does become available.  After a temp assignment, your network of professional references also grows. The people you have worked with, and even your Career Group recruiter, will be able to speak to your strengths and abilities. Having references who can offer an authentic testament to your work ethic is extremely valuable as you continue your job search.  

Building Experience

Another benefit to temp work is that it fills your resume with relevant experience. Employers often respond positively to candidates who have worked temp roles in their industry or with their competitors. If a hiring manager sees the name of a brand in their category on your resume it signals to them that you have worked in a similar environment to their company. In many ways, this gives you a leg up in the job search process. Not only does it bring recognition, but it is a way for employers to evaluate your experiences.    

Misconceptions About Temp Work

Probably the most misunderstood part of temporary work is the notion that it can hurt your resume. Of course, if you have been hopping from job to job in 1–2-month stints for the last 3 years, your resume will look jumpy. However, in most cases, solid experience with temp jobs only serves to strengthen your resume. If you are showing consistency and commitment, temp work shows your ability to learn and drive as a self-starter. You can also label on your resume which assignments were temporary or freelance, so future employers can understand that the role ended as scheduled.  

The Hiring Market for Temp Work

We live in a resume driven market. Since 2009, following the recession, hiring managers have been more vigilant to make the absolute best hires. Since then, the meticulous attention to resumes and the commitment to making lasting hires has remained constant. They want to take their time to make sure that they are making the right decisions and bringing on the right people to their teams. A resume strengthened by temp work can help these hiring managers be assured that they are making the right choice.  Right now, we are seeing a major shift back towards in-office work and remote roles are now becoming hybrid or in-person. This is calling for more office managers, front desk teams, and administrative positions at every level and in every industry. These roles can be a great opportunity to break into an industry and make an impact within a company you’d like to grow with.  

At Career Group, we have perfected the match making process for temp roles at every level. With over 40 years of experience and offices in San Francisco, Los Angeles, Dallas, Miami, and New York, we are ready to be your career partners. You can browse our current temp opportunities on our LinkedIn and Find Work pages, and follow Career Group on LinkedIn to stay up to date with our hottest jobs and career insights.

Brady Skinner

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A graduate of California State University at Chico, Brady Skinner holds a degree in Speech Pathology and Audiology. As Managing Director, Brady brings over twenty years of experience in the staffing industry to his clients and candidates. Since joining Career Group in 1999, Brady has been key to the success of the Temporary Division in San Francisco and throughout the Peninsula.

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