How to Get a Seasonal Job

During the busy holiday season, companies across several industries need to hire additional employees to handle the increased volume during their "busy" seasons. Seasonal jobs are temporary positions that can last for several weeks or several months, depending on the company's needs. These jobs may be available in any industry and are typically related to holidays, tourism, or weather. However, some industries hire seasonal employees due to specific annual events. For instance, tax preparation firms might hire additional staff members during tax season. Most often, seasonal work becomes available in the lead-up to holidays and during the summer months. Companies in the retail, hospitality, and transportation industries typically have an increased level of customers during this time. In fact, the retail industry alone employs over 500,000 seasonal workers during the holiday season. Many job seekers apply for these jobs to earn extra cash for the holidays or as a way to gain employment when they're in between jobs.A temporary job is a short-term opportunity to work with a company and can provide many benefits no matter where you are along your career path. Temporary work can allow you to try out different work environments, gain experience in a new industry, and eliminate employment gaps. In some cases, a seasonal job can lead to a permanent position. While seasonal roles are usually intended to last only a few months, companies may hire individuals who prove to be reliable and go the extra mile to excel in a new position.

Landing the Perfect Seasonal Job

While a variety of seasonal jobs are available throughout the year, many candidates are eager to secure these roles. Landing a seasonal job can be similar to getting any other position, so it's important to plan your search and prepare for the hiring process in the same way you would for any other role. These tips can help you launch your seasonal job search and handle the hiring process.

  • Start your search before the season begins. Holiday seasonal hiring usually begins around September and hiring for summer positions is likely to begin in late spring and early summer. By starting your search before the season begins, you can be choosy about the position you want.
  • Elevate your search by working with a recruiter. While many seasonal job hunters search online, you may not get a full view of your options from this viewpoint. By working with a professional recruitment team, you can get an insight into temporary positions that aren't listed on traditional sites.
  • Know what you want. Whether you're taking on a seasonal job as a full-time role or as a second job, it's important to consider how much time you're willing to contribute and your expectations about pay.
  • Be flexible. Seasonal jobs in retail may require you to work varied shifts. Maybe you're prepared to work varied shifts, take on multiple duties, or shift gears when necessary. Highlight the soft skills that will assist you in your potential role.
  • Be professional. Seasonal jobs are no different than long-term roles. As an employee, you represent the company you work for no matter how long your employment lasts. Dress professionally for your interview and come prepared to clarify why you're qualified for the role.

Best Seasonal Retail Jobs

Retailers are among the most likely to hire additional employees around the holidays. However, many people overlook the potential of working in retail with the assumption that only cashier positions are available. The truth is, retailers hire temporary employees for many different positions at many different levels. Furthermore, working in retail can help you build valuable skills that are useful in a variety of industries.Some of the best seasonal retail jobs include:

  • Cashiers
  • Stocking
  • Sales Associate
  • Brand Ambassadors

Seasonal retail jobs are an important part of the industry and can be a valuable building block in a variety of career paths. Seasonal hires help retailers professionally handle a massive customer flow increase and extended hours without placing added burdens on existing staff. A seasonal retail position can help candidates build vital work skills like customer service, industry knowledge, time management, teamwork, problem-solving, and more. These skills can be transferred to multiple industries. As an employer, finding the right employees to fill temporary roles is a vital part of maintaining your workforce and attentively serving your customers. The holidays are some of the busiest months for retailers and some of the most important and memorable shopping experiences for customers. As a result, temporary hires are a vital part of your staff. Yet, finding temporary employees who can seamlessly step in and fill these important roles can be challenging. Furthermore, wading through dozens or even hundreds of applications and conducting interviews during the busiest time of the year can add stress to an already overwhelming time.

If you're seeking a professional hiring experience that takes some work off of your back, the professional recruiters at Career Group Companies can help. Contact us to learn more about hiring temporary and temp-to-hire employees.Finding the right temporary role can be difficult when there are many other candidates seeking similar positions. Our recruiters can help you find work for seasonal and full time positions alike. Receive personalized help in landing your dream role and gain expert advice on the roles most likely to align with your career path. With a professional recruitment team on your side, you can get the most from your seasonal job in any industry.

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