The Secret to Hiring for Seasonal Jobs

With the holidays upon us, retailers of all types are focusing their attention to hiring for seasonal jobs. From large department stores to small luxury boutiques, having a team prepared to take on the holiday rush is crucial for making it through the coming weeks. Finding reliable and motivated seasonal hires for the job is no easy task. You need a team of temps who can handle the fast pace of holiday jobs while quickly adapting to your brand and never failing to deliver excellence.  

With so many eager candidates on the job market, it can be overwhelming to find the right talent for your team. Partnering with a temporary staffing firm that specializes in retail can help alleviate this pressure and allow for a streamlined seasonal hiring process.

What Makes a Strong Holiday Hire

The first step of any hiring process is to assess what you are looking for and define the goals of your search. For a seasonal role there are many factors that may come into play; qualities like flexibility, reliability, prior retail experience, and an outgoing personality are often some of the most sought out characteristics for seasonal hires.  

Since the turnaround time for a seasonal hire is so fast, decisions need to be made quickly. You may want to consider other brands in your industry and seek out candidates with experience near or within your space. Candidates who know your brand or who have comparable work experience often make the best hires for holiday jobs because of their familiarity with the industry and ability to jump right in.  

Benefits of Working with a Recruiting Firm for your Seasonal Hiring

Access to Top Tier Talent

One of the major perks of working with an established temporary staffing firm is having access to a curated network of candidates. Through thoughtful selection and years of experience screening and placing retail employees, temporary recruiting agencies build extensive networks of temp and seasonal workers. These are experienced candidates who know what it takes to be successful in a seasonal role, and they understand the in’s and out’s of their respective industries. Partnering with an established recruiting agency gives you access to a network of candidates already curated for your industry that you would not be able to find through a less nuanced search.

Streamlined Seasonal Hiring

The holiday season is fast-paced and finding the time to hire the best talent can be a challenge. Working with a temporary or seasonal staffing firm expedites this process and takes the burden off of the shoulders of your internal hiring team.  

Hiring for seasonal jobs becomes simplified and straightforward with the support of a temp staffing firm. The recruiters will handle everything from the initial search to onboarding and payroll, lightening your load and allowing you to focus on all the other demands of the holiday season.

Immediate Fills

Unexpected circumstances always arise, and when you partner with a temporary staffing firm they will have your back for any last-minute hiring needs. Using a vast network of local talent, an established recruiting partner will be able to fill any vacancies or unexpected absences during your busiest times.

At Fourth Floor, a Career Group Company, we are proud to boast an unparalleled network of talent across the nation. Whether you are staffing a last-minute pop-up or covering for an unplanned absence, our team can place a skilled candidate onto your team with a moment’s notice. Our standby program allows the members of our network of temporary talent to remain on call for last-minute opportunities and to step in when needed, providing a safety net for the inevitable call-outs or drop-offs.  

Hiring Seasonal Talent Fulltime

Hiring for seasonal jobs or holiday jobs can be a strategic gateway to making permanent hires for your team. Through temporary staffing, you are given a glimpse of a variety of candidates and oftentimes this can open the door to permanent opportunities. In many ways, seasonal hiring can function as a trial run for long-term hires.

When the holidays are over, you may decide to keep the best talent on your team moving into the new year. If you are partnered with a temporary staffing firm, this transition will be seamless, and your seasonal staff will be onboarded and transitioned to your team full-time.  

How to Partner with a Recruiting Firm for Seasonal Hiring

The best way to hire for seasonal jobs is through a specialized and established recruiting firm. At Fourth Floor, our team has over 40 years of experience in matching the best talent with luxury and high-end brands across the country. Our hands-on approach and careful curation has built our reputation and we are proud to be the go-to seasonal staffing partner for our clients, year after year.

If you are looking to make the best hires for your holiday openings, don’t hesitate to contact us to Hire Talent.  

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Jayme Tobia

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Jayme Tobia is an Account Manager on the Fourth Floor Team in New York. After graduating from Quinnipiac University with a degree in Business Management, Jayme worked in the fashion industry as a personal stylist, business manager, and in sales. Her combined love of fashion, working in client/customer-facing roles, and building connections led her to join the fashion recruiting team at Fourth Floor. In her current role, Jayme feels there is nothing better than helping a candidate land a new job. Her advice to job seekers is, to be honest, genuine, and transparent about their strengths and weaknesses.

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