What to Look for in a Recruiting Partner

The most valuable asset to any organization is the people. In today’s market, top talent is highly sought after, and the best candidates receive extremely competitive offers from potential employers. While thoughtful selection and proactive searching can draw in job seekers, finding the best recruiting partner for your organization will allow you to have insight into the market, as well as access to exclusive talent.  

Finding the Best Fit

Any partnership with an external recruiting firm should allow you the opportunity to meet a more targeted pool of talented candidates, but it is also important that your recruiting partner understands your company’s culture and is aligned with your long-term business goals. Finding a team of experts that have both experience and candor will help you maximize your partnership and create the perfect team.

Experience and Skill

With any partnership it is important to have confidence in the efficiency and accuracy of the experts you are leaning on. A strong recruiting partner should not only have years of experience, but also trust their intuition when it comes to understanding your company and the types of individuals that will be an asset to your team.

Market Expertise

With experience comes knowledge, and as recruiters we pride ourselves on understanding the trends and changes within the hiring landscape. Working with numerous job seekers every day allows us to stay on top of what is happening in the market, what candidates want, and what they are able to receive in competing job offers. The quantity of data that we have allows us to advise our clients on how they can be a competitive employer and stand out within their respective industry. From benefits to compensation to ideal work schedules, we get to know our candidates and through their needs and desires, we continue to track the market and the needs of job seekers, which we are very transparent about with our clientele.

Direct Communication

Finding the perfect fit for a team is no easy task and having open communication is critical to any hiring process. Bringing someone into your business takes trust and being able to have that rapport with your recruiter is absolutely necessary for a successful partnership. At the core of our business, our team at Career Group Companies values transparency and integrity in every recruiting process. Our clients come to us time and time again because they know we will be honest and direct with them and that they can trust us every step of the way.  

Building a Successful Relationship with Your Recruiter

As recruiters, we love getting to develop relationships with our clients. In many cases, these partnerships have grown into great friendships which makes working together that much more special and enjoyable. If you are just beginning your relationship with your recruiting team, these are a couple ways that you can get the most out of your partnership:

Ask your recruiter for their insights into the current hiring landscape

We have acquired years of knowledge and we love to share it! This knowledge can often help shape your hiring strategy and lead to an efficient and successful hiring process.

Ask us about timelines

Right now, we are seeing a high demand for the most talented candidates. Allow your recruiter to advise on a strategic interview process to avoid losing these top-tier candidates.  

Trust your recruiter’s intuition

We want what’s best for you and your team. When we notice something throughout our vetting process and continued candidate relationship that does not feel like the right fit for your organization, we will tell you and we won’t stop until we find the absolute best candidate for your workplace.  

If you are ready to take your team to the next level, we are here to help you find the best talent. With over 40 years in the industry, and offices nationwide, Career Group Companies has solidified our place as a leader in the recruiting industry with our hands-on approach. Begin the partnership today at our Hire Talent page and follow us on LinkedIn to stay up to date with all the ways in which we are growing.

Catherine Drinker

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Catherine Drinker graduated from Pennsylvania State University, where she majored in Labor and Employment Relations with a minor in Spanish and Business. Prior to joining Career Group Search, she worked in Human Resources for companies across Los Angeles. Catherine brings a people-oriented approach to recruiting and loves the exciting, fast-paced nature of the work. As a Recruiting Manager, Catherine excels at building meaningful relationships with both clients and candidates. Outside of work, she enjoys fitness classes, cooking, and spending time at the beach with loved ones.

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