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You can count on Career Group Companies to connect you with the best talent on the market. We help executives, celebrities, and high-net-worth individuals hire personal assistants by getting to know their unique requirements and finding the perfect match for the job.

What is a Personal Assistant?

Personal assistants handle a wide range of tasks for high-profile executives or individuals. The primary role of a personal assistant is to allow the principal they’re supporting to focus on more high-level tasks by handling things such as organizing, scheduling and communication. A personal assistant also often acts as an administrative assistant – serving as the first point of contact between their principal and clients or partners. They manage files, schedule meetings, take phone calls, and often act as gatekeepers for meeting requests. The assistant will usually handle travel arrangements,  coordinate schedules, and organize events. Depending on the role, they may also field personal tasks such as domestic errands, driving, caring for children or pets, and more.

Personal Assistant Qualifications

While there are no formal academic standards for this role, most employers prefer candidates with experience in Communications, Business or another related field. Individuals with previous years of experience as a personal assistant or executive assistant have a higher chance of landing the job. The personal assistant should be discrete and trustworthy, organized, flexible, an effective communicator, and work proactively. They must also have sound technical knowledge and exceptional people skills. Background checks are also common when fielding potential employees for roles like personal assistants.

Duties of a Personal Assistant

  • Act as the first point of contact between the individual you’re supporting and their clients
  • Manage deadlines and schedule appointments
  • Arrange travel itineraries, event bookings, and accommodations
  • Take detailed notes during meetings and provide reports
  • Complete personal tasks or run errands in some cases
  • Provide additional support as needed, this role requires ultimate flexibility and adaptability

Interview Questions to Ask When Hiring a Personal Assistant

Asking the right interview questions when hiring a personal assistant is key. When interviewing, we recommend engaging in thoughtful conversations and purposeful relationship building. Here are some starter questions to consider when hiring a personal assistant:

  • How do you anticipate and meet the needs of the person you're assisting?
  • Describe your experience coordinating travel arrangements, such as booking flights and accommodations.
  • How do you handle unexpected changes or last-minute requests?
  • Can you recount a time you demonstrated a high level of discretion or confidentiality in a previous role?

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What Does a Personal Assistant Do?

A personal assistant is a professional who offers administrative and organizational support to individuals, often executives or busy professionals. Their role involves managing tasks to optimize the individual's time and productivity. This can encompass coordinating schedules, handling communication, organizing travel, and aiding with various work-related and personal responsibilities. Personal assistant services also play a vital role in maintaining confidentiality and professionalism while effectively managing both routine and ad-hoc tasks.

To be successful, a personal assistant must possess strong organizational skills, excellent communication abilities, and the capacity to handle multiple tasks seamlessly. They help individuals streamline their activities by managing calendars, coordinating travel arrangements, and aiding with various administrative and research tasks. By offering comprehensive support, personal assistants enable their employers to focus on core responsibilities and make the most of their valuable time.

What are Measurable KPIs for Personal Assistant?

Measurable Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for personal assistants can vary depending on the responsibilities and goals of the role within the office. While the bulk of the work of a personal assistant is measured qualitatively, here are some commonly used KPIs for personal assistant:

  • Task Completion Rate: This KPI measures the percentage of tasks assigned to the Personal Assistant that are successfully completed within the agreed-upon timeframe. It reflects their ability to manage and prioritize tasks effectively.
  • Calendar Utilization: This metric evaluates how well the Personal Assistant optimizes the individual's calendar, including minimizing scheduling conflicts and ensuring efficient use of time.
  • Travel Arrangement Efficiency: KPIs related to the speed and accuracy of travel bookings, itinerary preparation, and seamless travel experiences showcase their travel coordination skills.
  • Organization of Documents and Files: KPIs related to document retrieval time and the organization of files highlight their proficiency in maintaining an organized information system.
  • Meeting Preparation: KPIs related to the completeness and accuracy of meeting materials prepared by the Personal Assistant showcase their attention to detail.
  • Task Complexity Handling: Evaluating their ability to handle complex tasks, projects, or requests can provide insights into their capabilities and growth potential.

KPIs should align with the targeted objectives and responsibilities of the personal assistant job description in an organization.

What Experience is Needed to be a Personal Assistant?

To become a successful personal assistant, candidates typically need a combination of education, relevant experience, and essential skills. While formal education can be beneficial, practical experience often carries more weight. Candidates with a high school diploma or equivalent can enter the field, but having a bachelor's degree in fields like business administration, communication, or a related discipline can provide a competitive edge. However, what matters most is relevant experience. Prospective personal assistants should ideally have a few years of experience in administrative roles, customer service, or similar positions that demonstrate their organizational and communication skills.

Strong organizational skills, attention to detail, time management, and excellent communication abilities are essential for a personal assistant. Candidates should be proficient in using office software, scheduling tools, and digital communication platforms. Adaptability and a problem-solving mindset are also crucial, as personal assistants need to handle a wide range of tasks and navigate changing priorities. Demonstrating discretion, professionalism, and the ability to maintain confidentiality are also essential, given the nature of the role often involves handling sensitive information.

Comparing an Executive Assistant vs a Personal Assistant

An executive assistant and a personal assistant are both roles focused on providing administrative support, but they often differ in their scope and level of responsibilities. An executive assistant primarily works with high-level executives, such as CEOs or top managers, and plays a critical role in managing their schedules, handling communication, and coordinating complex tasks. They are deeply involved in strategic activities, including preparing reports, participating in meetings, and managing projects that impact the organization's direction. executive assistants often have a higher level of decision-making authority and are expected to possess advanced skills in organization, communication, and problem-solving. Their role involves a close partnership with executives to help them manage their responsibilities effectively.

On the other hand, a personal assistant typically provides comprehensive support to individuals, not limited to the business context. Personal assistants often work with busy professionals, entrepreneurs, or high-profile individuals and manage a broad range of tasks that can extend into both work-related and personal domains. While organizational skills and attention to detail are important for both roles, personal assistants may also be involved in managing household tasks, coordinating travel arrangements, and handling personal appointments. Their focus is on enabling the individual to manage their entire life more efficiently, from professional commitments to personal errands.

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