Why You Should Work with a Recruiter

When you’re looking for a new job, the process can feel overwhelming. In this competitive candidate’s market, there are plenty of job openings – but that doesn’t always mean finding a new job will be a seamless process, or that you’ll find the best jobs on traditional job boards. Working with a recruiter is the best way to access exclusive job listings with A-list companies. Unsure how the process works? Read on to learn why partnering with a staffing firm is the best method to propel your career forward!

What is a Recruiter?

Recruiters and Talent Acquisition Specialists work with Hiring Managers to find the best person for open job positions. At Career Group Companies, our recruiting experts source talent who will have both the skills required to excel and the ability to blend seamlessly into the organization’s existing team and culture. Our valued clients trust us to find their perfect match because of our extensive network of high-caliber talent and our rigorous search and screening process.Recruiters also work hard to connect job seekers with available positions that fit their job search criteria. We build lasting and genuine connections with candidates in order to better understand their long-term career goals and to make smarter matches with potential employers. We’ll work with you every step of the way - from our initial phone call, to preparing you for your first interview, to onboarding you to your new position!

cartoon two women shaking hands interview fashion. graphic reads: what does a recruiter do? we find the best candidates for open jobs by getting to know candidates and clients on a deeper level, connecting job seekers with employment opportunities, presenting qualified candidates to hiring managers, and preparing applicants for interivews

Why Should I Work with a Recruiter?

For job seekers, working with a recruiter is a completely free resource to use in your job search. Our main incentive is finding the job that’s right for you! Your job search is still your own, but we provide additional assistance along the way. To get in touch with a recruiter and learn how we can help you find your next job - submit an application today!

By working with a recruiter you will gain access to:

  • Resume guidance and assistance
  • Interview prep and post-interview debrief
  • Specialized job matches based on your experience, education, interests, and values
  • Industry advice -- suggesting roles or industries you hadn't considered
  • An advocate who will negotiate compensation on your behalf
  • Connections to job opportunities not advertised on traditional job sites
  • A recruiter who will act as your cover letter, presenting your skills and qualifications to Hiring Managers
  • A lasting relationship with a long-term career coach
graphic cartoon with pink and yellow speech bubbles reading: how can a recruiter help me find a job? answer: we act as a free resource for job seekers to utilize in their job hunt. Our main incentive is finding the job that's right for you!

Connecting you with Opportunities

If you’re ready to level up your job search, we can’t wait to work together! Our recruiting teams are constantly working on hundreds of job openings and we love connecting with qualified job seekers. Even if we don’t have the perfect role for you today, you never know when that perfect opportunity will come across our desk. Once you’re a part of our network, we’ll let you know when a new role opens up that we think you’d be a great fit for. Then, if the position aligns with your interests, desired compensation rate, and skill set, we’ll submit you to the hiring manager and make sure they understand why you’d be an excellent addition to the team. If selected for an interview, we’ll make sure you feel confident and ready to answer any questions they throw your way.While we cannot guarantee placement for any candidate, it is our goal to act as a strategic guide in your search. Working with a recruiter can only help in your job hunt and will give you a leg up on the competition.Apply today to start your search!

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