Tips for Transitioning Back to the Workplace

As the country begins to re-open, many offices are transitioning back to the workplace. While some companies have opted to remain remote, those heading back to the office are facing some changes and challenges due to the new normal. However, it’s not all “doom and gloom”– sure, we have to navigate working together while maintaining social distancing, but many of us are getting the chance to finally be back and safely socialize. We thought it would be great to share with you some of our ideas that will make this transition positive and fun!

1.  Ready to Dress-Up - No More Loungewear!

You’ve been home for quite some time now, and have probably been taking advantage of this by wearing sweats or PJs all day. While that was a refreshing break from professional attire, let’s go back to dressing up for work with a little more fun and flair! It’s time to show off your personality, and the way you present yourself says so much. Dressing up makes us all feel more confident and can often elevate our productivity.

2. Hooray For Routine!

Routine and structure has been scientifically proven not only to increase productivity, but contribute to better mental health. While the ease and convenience of working from home is, in the short-term, convenient and relaxing, some structure that an office cultures provides makes us all productive.

3. I Miss My Work Friends!

Nothing replaces the fun we all have collaborating and sharing great ideas. While working remotely absolutely works, nothing can replace true face-to-face relationships and interaction. There are so many tools out there to help collaborate and communicate virtually, but there is just nothing that compares to a face-to-face discussion. Take advantage of the renewed ability to seek input from team members, be collaborative and get clarification on things that may have taken sixteen emails, but only one in-person interaction. Make use and take advantage of the reintroduced proximity to your team members.

4. Be Involved!

A sense of community and being of service are two very instrumental elements to a feeling of wellbeing. This is not to say that we are defined by our jobs; rather, it says that having a place to go, contribute and be a part of something larger than ourselves offers us the opportunity to connect and feel grounded. Take this chance to involve yourself in or start some impactful company initiatives within your community or workplace.

4. Set New Goals!

Push your limits. Get back to the workplace and set new and refreshed goals to be better than ever. For many of us, we used this time to recalibrate and re-set our goals. We are super-charged and can’t wait to get back and be the best version of our professional selves.

For some of us, going back to the office isn’t imminent and we have some excellent tips for you on working from home. For those of us making our way back in the office any day now, we hope these tips will help you make the most out of this transitional period.

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