Jobs in Demand 2022: Top Careers

Have you been optimistically searching the web with the phrase “best jobs to start a new career 2022"? Did you decide to make a positive career change in response to the turbulent job market over the last two years? Are you positioning yourself for the most in-demand roles in the U.S.?The market for people seeking new jobs in interesting fields has never been hotter. In the article below, our experts take a closer look at some of the best 2022 career opportunities for job seekers.

What Are the Most In-Demand Jobs in the US?

The most in-demand jobs in the United States in 2022 are:

1. Recruiters/Talent Acquisition Specialists

Managing Director of Career Group, Amanda Magleby, has found that the demand for recruiters and talent acquisition specialists has soared over the last several months.Specifically, Magleby stated that “with the aftermath of the pandemic and the ‘Great Resignation,’ companies really need to hire right now. They are getting that process started by hiring Recruiters.”Great recruiters and talent acquisition personnel will help organizations overcome the global skills shortage. If you enjoy interacting with people and have experience in a human resources-related field, then you may be an excellent fit for recruiting roles.

2. Human Resources Staff

In addition to recruiters, many organizations are seeking to hire qualified human resources staff. If you have little to no experience in this field, there are plenty of entry-level positions available as well.Most companies are making a concerted effort to offer in-house training for essential positions, such as those within the HR department. This approach means that you will likely have plenty of advancement opportunities if you obtain a job within the HR field. In fact, there are roughly 14,800 human resource manager openings every year.In 2022, many companies are prioritizing Human Resources candidates with technology skills and experience building and implementing strong Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion initiatives.

3. Social Media Managers

The role of social media manager is among the best jobs in 2022. During the pandemic, thousands of businesses reevaluated how they interacted with prospective customers. Many of these companies launched their first social media campaigns or sought to reinvigorate their existing strategies.In light of this fact, social media manager will be a highly coveted position in the coming years. Businesses of all sizes will need the services of talented individuals who can manage and grow their social media pages. If you have a keen eye for social media trends, an analytical mind, and a knack for organization and project management – working as a social media manager may be a great match for you.According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the marketing field as a whole is projected to experience a growth of approximately 10% over the next decade.

4. Digital Marketing Specialists

The mass transition to digital marketing mediums has also led to an increase in demand for digital marketing specialists. These individuals perform similar tasks to general marketing professionals; however, they focus on advertising on digital mediums such as Facebook and Google.As a digital marketing specialist, you will be tasked with managing social media campaigns, placing SEO content on your company’s website, and taking other steps to expand their reach. The best digital marketing specialists have a combination of general advertising expertise and extensive knowledge of digital resources.Thomas Bouregy, Senior Account Executive at Syndicatebleu, recently discussed the huge shift towards a greater reliance on digital tools:

“The pandemic accelerated the digital transformation we were already experiencing. Consumers are relying more than ever on digital tools, SaaS offerings, and eCommerce platforms – which companies and brands have had to prioritize as they shift and adjust in this new world.”

As a top marketing recruiting agency, we are always partnering with the best and brightest digital marketing specialists. If you’re looking for work in this field, browse our openings today.

5. Creatives & Graphic Designers

Fifth on our list of high-demand jobs in 2022 are creatives/graphic designers. Graphic designers will be responsible for creating captivating content for companies' digital marketing campaigns. If you are looking for a chance to show off your creativity and work on exciting projects, this may be the perfect career for you.

Graphic designers have a strong earning potential as well, which may provide you with even more incentive to join this in-demand field. According to the BLS, median earnings for a graphic designer is approximately $25.66 hourly. However, the top 10% earn $44 an hour or more.Candidates for graphic design positions have experience with popular tools such as Adobe InDesign, Photoshop, and other imaging software. A few related fields include animators, multimedia artists, production artists, photographers, videographers, and creative directors.

6. Accountants

Catherine Drinker, Account Executive at Career Group, commented on the frenetic nature of the current hiring market:

“The hiring market this year has been wild, and our clients are busier than ever. Clients across all industries are looking for support within their administrative teams (specifically Executive Assistants), their Human Resources teams, and accounting and finance teams.”

Drinker hit the nail on the head with her remarks. Businesses in virtually every industry are seeking to add talented financial professionals and HR personnel to their staff. These team members will be invaluable as companies seek to recover from the turbulence of the last two years.

7. Product Marketing

Product marketing positions will also be high-demand jobs in 2022. This field involves the full lifecycle of bringing a new product to market, from product designers to product managers. Specifically, product marketing in the technology industry is an exponentially growing field. Individuals within this space are tasked with effectively designing and marketing SaaS products, apps, or other tech products. Their efforts ensure consumers understand the product and that the brand’s messaging breaks through the competitive market.To work in this space you should be creative, have expertise in your specific product field, and thrive on cross-departmental collaboration.

8. Executive Assistants

Executive assistants are usually assigned to a specific C-suite executive or other high-level leaders within an organization. Depending on the role, executive assistants may perform basic clerical tasks and schedule appointments. They may also be tasked with preparing essential corporate documents, interacting directly with high-value clients, and managing travel.Our clients are always seeking strong executive assistants and that has not slowed down in 2022. Plus, these essential positions often offer unique growth potential within a company, and these candidates often become indispensable members of an organization. If you are organized, dedicated, and reliable, an executive assistant career awaits you! Apply to one of our openings today.

9. eCommerce Managers

When asked about the top fashion jobs in demand for the future, the Director of Recruitment at Fourth Floor, Carly Fisher, said:

“This year has been so exciting and rewarding. We are helping companies rebuild and helping candidates get back to work after the thick of the pandemic. I’ve focused on the Fashion, Entertainment, Creative, and Hospitality industries primarily and have seen a major trend in the need for eCommerce talent.”

Fisher and other recruiting professionals have observed a notable uptick in demand for eCommerce managers both in the midst of the pandemic and during the rebound period. The eCommerce market has grown exponentially over the last decade and is showing no signs of slowing down.In order to obtain an eCommerce manager position, you will need certifications and experience using online shopping platforms. A few of the top platforms include BigCommerce and Shopify. There are plenty of online certification programs that you can seek out which will familiarize you with these platforms.

Other 2022 Hiring Trends

Hybrid and Remote Jobs

Hybrid roles have seen one of the sharpest increases in demand over the last two years. Simply put, a hybrid role is any position that allows an employee to split their time between in-office and remote work.Working on a hybrid schedule is appealing for many job seekers who are prioritizing a greater work/life balance in 2022. Many employers continue to seek talent for a hybrid workplace model, and most recruiters predict this will remain the new normal indefinitely.

Training and Development

Trying to find a job with no experience is the ultimate catch-22. In a candidate-driven market, one where there are more jobs than there are people looking for work, employers have to get creative in order to hire strong talent. Many companies are realizing they can find strong, junior talent by offering more robust on-the-job training and opportunities for development. If you are looking for a career change, prioritize jobs that offer training and development in your search. Remember, every unexpected opportunity brings you one step closer to your dream job!

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