The Most in Demand Jobs in San Francisco

San Francisco is known as a mecca of innovation. In this city, enterprise is thriving thanks to the most talented experts and creative minds across a variety of industries. Silicon Valley's influence on technology, commerce, and culture, along with the city's impressive tech startup reputation, has created so many exciting career opportunities. San Francisco is home to 18 Fortune 500 companies, and many more are located in the surrounding areas.For professionals in the Bay Area, it can feel overwhelming trying to find the best job opportunities. If you're not sure how to find the right role to elevate your career path, consider some of the most high-demand jobs in San Francisco.

VP of Engineering

Senior Engineering positions in San Francisco are expected to grow in demand over the next few years. Of course you cannot become an Engineering executive overnight. Candidates hoping to land a job as a VP of Engineering should have had a similar senior-level position in an engineering department. Prior job titles might include Director of Engineering, Engineering Manager, or Senior Engineer.A Vice President of Engineering should have extensive management skills, significant industry experience, and excellent communication skills. A VP of Engineering manages engineering teams and works to maximize efficiency. They are responsible for setting project goals, overseeing user experiences, and hiring/training teams of engineers and developers.A candidate for this position should have confidence in managing teams while setting goals, budgets, and timelines. Common requirements of the role include managing software development programs and designing strategies for future engineering projects. Most employers will require a Bachelor's or advanced degree in engineering or computer science.

Production Artist

For all the innovation happening in Silicon Valley, creative teams need reliable production artists to bring a vision to reality. Production artists are essential members of a creative team responsible for carrying out the execution of a creative design brief. A production artist works on creative deliverables and executes edits, revisions, and technical changes to ensure the creative team’s vision is met. This job requires a very strong attention to detail and technical design of posters, billboards, OOH advertisements, and more.A production artist differs from a graphic designer in that they are less involved in the ideation or design brainstorming - rather the production artist is called upon to executive an established concept. Some of the most common responsibilities of a production artist include formatting artwork, troubleshooting design problems, and creating production ready files.Qualifications for the position typically require a bachelor's degree, expertise with design tools and the Adobe Creative Suite, attention to detail, a strong eye for visual designs and layouts, and familiarity with the prepress process.

Analytics Specialist

Organizations in all industries depend on critical data to make business decisions and track success. Analytics specialists use programs such as Google Analytics, Google Search Console and SEMRush to analyze and categorize data for various website optimization purposes. Typically, these professionals are responsible for developing analytical strategies and ensuring the company's analytical capabilities meet existing and future business needs. Analytics specialists are also responsible for ensuring data integrity, data management, and system security. Typical responsibilities include managing analytics platforms, creating and tracking KPI goals, utilizing site personalization, A/B testing, and targeting tools, and working with other teams to make brand decisions. Additionally, analytics specialists are likely to be responsible for creating processes for tag requests and working closely with IT teams. Qualifications for the position include significant business experience and experience in digital analytics as well as a familiarity with common analytics platforms, JavaScript and HTML. Web analytics and tag management certifications are a plus.

Communications Manager

The messaging a company puts out is more important than ever - that’s where communications managers come in. A communications manager is a mid-level management role for someone who enjoys overseeing communications programs that promote an organization and its brand. Communications managers in San Francisco are in charge of all internal and external communications for a company, which may include press releases, media relations, marketing efforts, official statements, and more to ensure every method of communication accurately conveys the company’s vision, brand, or mission statement. An effective communications manager should have outstanding communication skills (that’s a given) and the ability to produce high-quality content that resonates clearly while retaining the brand’s distinct voice.Common responsibilities include liaising with clients, public relations teams, marketing teams,  and the media as well as working with the firm's partners in crafting and executing communications plans. Additional tasks may include serving as an account manager for clients and researching and developing briefing materials.Experience in Marketing, PR, Advertising, or a related field will help you land the job. You should also have a proven track record of success from previously held communications positions and skills in writing, messaging, psychology, statistics, and media. A Bachelor's Degree with a focus on communications is likely to be required.

Social Media Manager

San Francisco, like any other city, is buzzing with startups hoping to find funding and customers. How do most startups make a splash? Social media and digital marketing. A social media manager creates engaging social content that personifies the voice of the company. Social media managers maintain social media accounts and develop both organic and paid marketing campaigns that draw customer engagement and brand visibility.The most common responsibilities of a social media manager include running company social media accounts, creating engaging graphic and video content, developing shareable posts, distilling complex essays into digestible format, and maintaining a content calendar and post schedule. Other requirements may include staying current with related news and keeping track of industry and consumer trends. A social media manager is often responsible for auditing the current social media strategy, identifying weaknesses, and making recommendations for improvements.Qualifications for the role might include a Bachelor's degree in advertising, marketing, or communication, experience as a social media professional, and strong proficiency in design tools as well as other industry or role specific requirements. —Job opportunities in San Francisco only continue to grow. Major companies are hiring in roles of all levels, providing opportunities for job seekers at all levels of seniority. Competition among job seekers can be fierce for top roles and the competition amongst companies for the best candidates can be even fiercer. While education and professionalism are vital in finding the perfect career match, having an inside connection to exclusive positions can make all the difference in landing your dream job.

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