Seasonal Jobs to Help Earn Extra Money Over the Holidays

The moment the turkey and pumpkin pie are cleared from the table, you're launched into the holiday season. From festive displays to a landslide of seasonal sales, holiday cheer is everywhere you look. While it's easy to get lost in the wonder of the season, financial concerns can make this a stressful time for many. If you're looking for a way to balance out your budget while you purchase gifts, or you want some extra cash to spread more Christmas cheer, there are a variety of opportunities to help you earn extra income over the holidays. Seasonal jobs crop up during the holidays due to increased shopping and customer demand. Whether you're interested in grabbing a temporary retail job or another industry that sees increased traffic, there's no shortage of job opportunities during the holidays. Learning about the available holiday jobs in your area and how to find the one that's right for you can add a little green to your wallet when you need it most.

How To Take Advantage of Seasonal Job Opportunities During the Holidays

Whether you're already working full time or you're currently unemployed, the benefits of seasonal work may be on your mind. Besides a paycheck, you may discover a new industry you love or flexible shifts that balance out your schedule. Use these tips to get the most out of your seasonal holiday job search.

  • Start early. Seasonal jobs actually become available long before the holidays arrive. You can get ahead by being among the earliest applicants with an impressive resume.
  • Determine your needs. Some seasonal positions come with great perks. For instance, many offer flexible hours, store discounts, and an enjoyable work environment. Know what is important to you before you dive into applications.
  • Know your strengths. When it comes to getting the seasonal job you really want, it's important to know the types of tasks you do well.  Your resume should reflect these strengths and any benefits your work history and education can provide.
  • Consider a variety of options. Retail doesn't necessarily mean a position in-store. Many companies need more hands on deck in customer service, ecommerce, and creative. Warehouses and shipping centers also see an influx of work during the holiday season. If you have experience as a driver, many delivery options are available.

Different Types of Seasonal Jobs Available During the Holiday Season

Retail is the first thing that comes to mind when you think of extra jobs during the holiday season. While many in-store retail positions are available, this industry covers a variety of different job categories to suit a wide range of backgrounds. When you consider everything that goes into storing, moving, organizing, and selling the massive amounts of goods that are sold each holiday season, you will discover a whole world of possibilities. These are some common seasonal jobs you can expect to find in your search.

  • Seasonal Retail Sales Associate

You can work in a store where you're passionate about the brands and products available. A sales associate has a variety of responsibilities designed to help other team members and make customers comfortable. You'll be the first face to welcome customers and provide outstanding customer service to create a memorable customer experience. Explore Fourth Floor’s many openings here.

  • Delivery Driver

More consumers are shopping online than ever before. This means more delivery trucks are on the road delivering the products that will be under the tree this Christmas. You'll need a driver's license for this job (sometimes a commercial driver's license), and preferably some experience behind the wheel of a large truck.

  • Temporary Warehouse Associate

If you're looking for a position that will keep you on your feet and active, a warehouse associate position will provide the busyness you need. Preparing orders for delivery, stocking, and tracking inventory are just a few of the tasks you can expect to accomplish while working in a warehouse. Communication skills and a team mentality are a plus.

  • Customer Service Associate

If you're interested in working in retail and all the details that go on behind the scenes to creating a valuable customer experience, a customer service  position could provide you with the experience you're looking for. You'll have the opportunity to work with customers to handle inquiries, transactions, returns, and exchanges. Additional tasks may include assisting with merchandising or ecommerce.

  • Temporary Wellness Coordinator

The pandemic has shaken up the job market in many ways during 2020, and seasonal work is no exception. As an office assistant/wellness coordinator, you'll have the opportunity to assist with human resource tasks as employees re-enter the office. You'll be responsible for providing general office assistance as well as providing certain wellness tasks like checking employee and visitor temperatures, providing information on safety policies, and greeting guests.

  • Holiday Office Coverage

Though holiday travel looks different this year, many people will still be leaving the office to travel locally or visit family and friends. Often this means their employer will need temporary coverage on their position. Short term positions will open up for Office Assistants, Receptionists or Front Office Coordinators, and more! Keep an eye on our openings here.

How to Find a Seasonal Job

Searching for a job can be a difficult process if you have no idea how to start. If your seasonal job search requires riding around in search of help wanted signs, you may miss out on the best opportunities. There are a variety of online job boards to help you narrow down your search, but they're often plagued by hundreds of job seekers. Without the right assistance, finding a seasonal job you love can feel like putting your name in a hat and hoping for the best.Luckily, the recruiting experts at Career Group Companies are here to help you discover the seasonal position you're most suited for. Our recruiting firm is currently matching qualified job seekers nationwide with great employers when seasonal needs arise. Get in touch to learn more and take your seasonal job search up a notch.

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