Resume & Interview Tips from Recruiting Experts

Finding a new job is not always as simple as it seems. From knowing how to apply, to nailing your interview, there are a myriad of tactics for making the best impression and landing your dream job. As one of the nation's leading recruiting firms, we are passionate about sharing our wealth of industry knowledge an experience with our candidates to help them in their searches.

We sat down with some of Career Group Companies’ recruiting experts to ask them a series of questions and compiled some of their responses below. If you’re searching for a new job, wondering why your resume isn’t getting noticed, or you need extra inspiration to take your career to the next level, let this be your guide.

Q: What makes someone memorable in an interview?

What do all these responses have in common? Interviewers want your personality to shine through your qualifications. Being memorable is about truly being yourself, rather than regurgitating your capabilities and successes.

Serene Ford: “Someone genuine, who shows their story through their career choices.”

Diana Qasabian: “Great attitude and being fully prepared – reading up on the company, knowing job requirements, etc.”

Catherine Drinker: “I value authenticity from my candidates the most. I want to feel like you are being honest with me and truly telling me what you are looking for, that's when I can do the best job for you!”

Joe Zumpano: “The quirky ones are always memorable. The ones who know what they want and how much work it will take to get the job they want. They have a well-written resume easy to read, they have a short bio ready to go, including three business references, and are willing to interview either via zoom or on-site and look to you for advice and counsel. They are the ones that will land a job, the ones that care and have mutual trust.”

Shelby Hopper: “Having prior knowledge of the brand! Job interviewers will often ask what their favorite thing about the brand or company is, why they are interested, etc. So doing research well ahead and being able to speak to the company itself is crucial.”

Danielle Shapiro: “Personality. Aside from having strong experience on paper, connecting on a personal or emotional level with the individual who is interviewing with you will make you stand out from the rest of the candidates.”

Q: What are your clients most looking for in an A+ candidate?

An A+ candidate is someone we consider a slam dunk. We know any client would be thrilled to hire them, and we confidently submit them to any relevant open requisitions that come across our desk. So, what defines an A+ candidate?

Catherine Drinker: “Someone personable, warm, detail-oriented, hard-working, and enjoyable! Think about how much time we spend at work - clients want to know you will be a fun and strong addition to the team!”

Jordan Mark: “Someone with an outgoing personality and polished demeanor. They want to see that you have done your research on their brand and that you have prepared examples that prove you are right for the job. Be confident in yourself and your skills!”

Mackenzie Moody: “Polished, well-spoken, years of experience/ longevity within the same role, seasoned, strong interpersonal skills, excellent verbal and written communication skills, High level of attention to detail and accuracy, positive and professional attitude with the ability to self-motivate, and excellent organizational and time-management skills.”

Heather Hones: “Passion and dedication! All clients are looking for someone passionate about their company and dedicated to working hard to achieve results.”

Sydney Applegate: “Hardworking, willing to learn, polished, and always willing to go the extra mile no matter the task!”

Q: How can candidates make their resumes stand out?

Recruiters famously spend 4-6 seconds looking at your resume. Finding the best resume template can be difficult and can often depend on your line of work. However, there are a few key components any resume should contain. Our top recommendation? Keep it simple.

Joe Zumpano: “Keep it simple. List education on top under name and contact info. List each role starting with the most recent, title, to whom you reported, and then list duties for each role with skills at the bottom. Keep it simple not wordy. recruiters and hiring managers scan a resume for no more than two-three minutes. Make sure you have the background for the role you are applying for.”

Catherine Drinker: “Your resume should tell a story - we want to know about your educational background, your work experience, and the timeline of everything. Always include the months in which you started and ended a role and ensure everything is proofread.”

Neil McGiffin: “Make sure you choose a clean format that fits the type of role you are applying for and keep it short and concise! Always triple-check for spelling and grammar errors as well, because that is a quick way to lose out on being considered for a position.”

Lindsey Benton: “You want to make sure that your resume is easy to follow. It's important to go through it with a fine-tooth comb to ensure there are no punctuation or grammatical errors. Triple-check it and make sure you always have an extra set of eyes look it over!”

Q: What is the best piece of advice you ever received from a mentor?

A mentor could be someone you work with/for, someone successful you aspire to be like, or even someone from your family. Here are some of the best pieces of advice our recruiters have received from their mentors. We encourage you to consider their advice and put it into practice in your life!

Zelda Ordulu: “You do not have to be the smartest person in the room, but the most hardworking. If it were easy, everyone would do it.”

Devon Grisbaum: “The best piece of advice I have received is that hard work and patience pay off. The job-hunting process can be extremely frustrating and difficult, but if candidates can stay patient, and not let themselves stop preparing the best they can for interviews, they can find the perfect fit.”

Jordan Adkins: "Don't be afraid to step up and be confident. It's always better to be proactive than to wait in the wings."

Lindsey Benton: “To take risks and to be confident. We know our candidates and clients, so for example, even if a candidate does not necessarily check all the boxes, they could still be a match for other reasons. So, if we recommend you for a position that feels like a risk, trust the process and you might end up in a role that surprises you, but that you love!”

Mackenzie Moody: "It's not how you start; it's how you finish. It's a constant reminder that how I finish, depends on my determination not to give up. I like to pretend to have an imaginary finish line in my mind that I envision crossing - knowing that despite the roadblocks, or the setbacks I may have encountered along the way- I persevered. Trust your instincts and be confident in the work you do.”

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