Recruiting Tips for Hiring Managers

The 2022 hiring market is fiercely competitive, employee demands are changing, and pandemic-related challenges are still an issue. To achieve hiring goals in 2022, hiring managers will need to get creative and pay attention to the trends driving successful hiring.

Understanding the Hiring Market in 2022

While the number of employees quitting their jobs tapered slightly in January, 4.4 million workers quit in February. A McKinsey study of almost 600 workers who voluntarily left a job without another in hand, revealed that 44% have little or no interest in returning to traditional jobs in the next 6 months. Yet, the news for recruiters is not all bad news. The labor force grew by 304,000 in February, and the rate of hiring is higher than the resignations in every major industry.Understanding why workers are leaving their jobs and what they hope to gain in a new role will be crucial to successful hiring. As employees examine their work/life balance, many are choosing life, and walking away from jobs that no longer meet their needs. These tips can help address the pain points of job seekers and the hiring trends driving job choices in 2022.

Recruiting Tips for a Modern World

Today's job candidates have more information about available jobs than ever before and a strong sense of what they want. Hiring managers who deliver with compromise will turn The Great Resignation into an opportunity. Consider how these tips could help you fill out your workforce with engaged employees prepared to help you meet your business goals.

Learn What Employees Want

Flexible schedules and hybrid work are still important to many workers. However, they aren't leading the requests in recruiter negotiations. Higher pay and improved compensation are becoming a big priority, with 73% of recruiters reporting an increase in negotiating for higher salaries among candidates. Overall career satisfaction is the goal according to Monster's Future of Work 2022 Report which revealed 43% of respondents listed meaningful work as one of the most important factors. An additional 28% said they are seeking a caring work environment. Workplace culture in 2022 will have to see employees as individuals and create an environment flexible enough to meet individual needs while maintaining a fair balance.

Invest in Creative Recruiting Methods

Remember the 44% of employees who quit and aren't currently seeking a return to the workforce? They are referred to as latent workers. With the right opportunities and compensation, they could be tempted to return to the workforce. Job seekers actively looking for a new position are different now, too. Today's job seekers have a wealth of information about the job market at their fingertips. This means employers will likely need to increase outreach as well as consider the value of hiring employees with transferable skills.For many, turning to a recruitment agency will be the answer. 64% of recruiters expect recruitment budgets to increase in the next 6 to 12 months with the largest investments going toward external recruiting agencies. Companies are busier than ever right now and often working with limited resources and smaller HR teams. Shifting recruitment tasks to an external agency, like Career Group Companies, will offer the benefits of additional experience and free up HR personnel to handle internal tasks.

Understand Different Priorities for Working Mothers

The 2022 State of Motherhood Report found that the millennial generation is the first generation in history where women are more educated than men. Yet, mothers are leaving the workforce. During the pandemic, women left the workforce at twice the rate of men. Hiring Managers need to invest in re-onboarding and re-integrating working mothers into their organization. In order to welcome new parents, or anyone juggling child care and work responsibilities, companies must have comprehensive policies in place for fair parental leave that make no assumptions about which gender is taking on the duties of child care.Without addressing the ways in which the workplace is unwelcoming to working mothers, the Great Resignation will continue. For mothers who are working, 48% report dissatisfaction with their employer’s lack of schedule flexibility and paid time off. Hiring Managers who neglect this massive and highly-educated population are missing out on quality candidates. Yes, there is still change occurring across the way companies do business and recruit employees. However, change can be good if you can use it to improve the way your business functions. Today's employees are looking for an opportunity to provide value and to be recognized for what they bring to the table. When hiring managers stop looking at those requests as unreasonable demands and consider the way they improve business, industries are likely to grow stronger and see improved success than business models of the past.

Luckily, a competitive hiring market doesn't have to be bad news for hiring managers or job seekers. When industry-leading companies and top talent reach out to Career Group Companies for an accelerated recruitment process, both parties can find their perfect match. If you're a job seeker ready for a streamlined job search experience, visit our website to learn more about how we can give you the inside track to positions that aren't available on traditional job boards. If you're a hiring manager ready to meet or exceed your hiring goals in 2022 and beyond, get in touch with our recruitment team today.

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