Interview Guide: How to Identify a Great Candidate

Finding and hiring the right candidates is important to any growing organization. However, the hiring process can be full of challenges that make it difficult to determine if the candidate you're interviewing is the right fit for your company. The interview process is an important time, allowing you to learn a wealth of information that can help you see beyond a resume to evaluate strengths, weaknesses, potential red flags, and personality clashes. If your interview process isn't well thought out, you may fail to gather essential details that can help you evaluate your candidate's fit for the position. This guide includes advice for a successful interview and tips on how to spot a great candidate.

Interview Guidelines for Interviewers

A successful interview is a conversation that helps the candidate and hiring manager get acquainted and determine whether they will make a strong match. It requires targeted questions and active listening to gather a significant amount of information in a short period of time. Productive interviews usually create a comfortable setting that stimulates open conversation and allows both parties to get answers to any questions they may have. These tips can help you develop a fruitful interview.

  • Prepare ahead of time. You'll get the most out of an interview when you come prepared. Review what the position requires and the most critical skills for the role before meeting the candidate. Write down the questions you'll ask, leaving room for the notes you'll take throughout the interview. Review the candidate's resume and LinkedIn profile before the interview to gather as much information ahead of time as possible and leave room for other questions during the interview.
  • Create a comfortable atmosphere. Candidates are likely to be nervous when interviewing for a new position. By making them more comfortable, you're more likely to get a more accurate indication of their personality and how they'll fit with the company's culture. Instead of jumping right into the interview, ask the candidate how their day is going or if they had any difficulties finding the building. Even offering them a drink of water can help ease their nerves.
  • Ask specific questions. Ask direct questions about why they want to work for the company and the experience that makes them suitable for the role. Ask questions aimed at revealing more about the candidate's soft skills that will make them a good fit for your company.
  • Take notes. When interviewing multiple candidates for the same role, answers can quickly become blurred together. Take notes that you can analyze after all interviews are complete for more effective comparisons.
  • Circle back for more details. Use the notes you take during the interview to refresh your memory when making the final decision.
  • Discuss salary expectations. Top candidates are seeking roles that can help advance their careers. They are also likely to be pursuing opportunities with multiple companies. To avoid spending time on a candidate just to see them choose another position that pays better, discuss their salary expectations and determine whether you'll be able to meet them.
  • Ask about the candidate's career goals. By learning about the candidate's intended career path, you can get a better understanding of why they're applying for the current role. This also gives the candidate a chance to learn more about growth opportunities within your organization.
  • Be a good listener. Listen actively throughout the interview and engage in conversation with the candidate when you want them to expand on something. By listening to the questions they ask, you can get a better understanding of how the candidate processes information. Nonverbal clues like body language can also help you assess the candidate's enthusiasm for the position.

How to Spot a Great Candidate

Most qualified applicants take time to prepare  and bring their most professional self to the interview. While you want a meticulous candidate, the formality of the interview process can make it challenging to determine which candidates will make a great match for your company. These tips can help you distinguish stand-out candidates.

  • Find out what they know about the company. An applicant who has taken the time to research your company is more likely to fit seamlessly into the culture. Their interest in the company signifies their ability to connect with the company's values and mission.
  • Examine communication skills. Part of answering questions effectively is clear communication that progresses effectively. The way a candidate communicates during the interview will provide you with a glimpse into how they'll communicate in the role.
  • Talk about mistakes. Everyone makes mistakes, but growth-minded employees are more likely to own up to these mistakes and share what they've learned. A candidate who is open about weaknesses  is more likely to be honest and self-aware.
  • Gauge their enthusiasm. The right candidate should be just as interested in your company as you are in them. A candidate that shows enthusiasm in their conversation and body language is more likely to be engaged in the role and excited about their future with the company.

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