Finding a Job You Love To Have Great Work/Life Balance

When it comes to work, the term “following your dream” is all too often met with skepticism. Luckily, the days of choosing between work-life balance or making a decent salary are quickly becoming a thing of the past - To land your dream job, you simply need the right tools and negotiation skills! So how exactly do you find a job you love that allows you to spend time with and provide for your family? Use these helpful Career Group Companies tips!

1. Define What “A Job You Love” Means to You

Loving your job can mean many things, and being open to these many definitions can widen your search field and take away a considerable amount of pressure. You may love bingeing your favorite shows on Netflix or look forward to your daily run, but do you want to make a career out of it? Often, finding a job you love is more about work that inspires you within a schedule that adds balance to your life. For starters, ask yourself some questions to decide what would make you love your job:

  • What kind of social environment do you enjoy?
  • What does your ideal work day and work week look like?
  • How far are you willing to commute?
  • What benefits are important to you?
  • What salary is required to meet your current obligations?
  • What flexibility do you need to prioritize what/who is most important in your life?
  • What makes you feel fulfilled?

2. Find a Job that Suits Your Interests

Not sure what your passion is? Not a problem! Many people seeking jobs are currently employed and don't know the exact position they're looking for. Start by jotting down a list of roles or industries that sound appealing to you, and why. Sorting jobs by type can help you narrow down your list to a specific industry.Below are a few examples of job types:

  • Administration Jobs: Industries may include accounting and finance, marketing and advertising, design, education, entertainment, food and beverage, healthcare, manufacturing, and technology.
  • Creative Jobs: Industries may include advertising, beauty, consumer products, editorial, fashion, financial, health and wellness, hospitality, and toy manufacturing.
  • Fashion, Digital, and Ecommerce Jobs: Industries may include fashion, accessories, home goods, wellness, design, production, wholesale, retail, and public relations.
  • Executive-Level Jobs: Industries may include acquisitions, asset management, capital markets, commercial lending, equity research, hedge funds, investment banking, management, and venture capital.

3. Look for Employers Adapting to the Changes of this Generation

As workers begin to seek out positions that allow more flexibility and balance, employers are listening. Now, more than ever, employees are willing to leave a long-term position to start over at a company that will provide a better work-life balance. Since recruiting new employees can be very costly for businesses, they’ve realized the best course of action is to adapt to the changing times. When you're seeking a job, look for companies that embrace new ideas to promote work-life balance. Employees have different ideas about what creates balance, so it is important that you consider what balance means to you. Businesses are responding with a variety of options to entice new workers and retain loyal ones. Look for some of these benefits during your job search:

  • Flexible schedule
  • Dependent care flexible spending accounts
  • Health insurance
  • Wellness allowances
  • Compressed work weeks
  • Paid leave
  • Unpaid leave that doesn't result in job loss
  • Assistance for matters with family including extended maternity/paternity leave, adoption assistance, and child care placement
  • Dog- or pet-friendly offices
  • Commuter stipends
  • Generous/unlimited PTO

4. Make Time for Work and Family

No two employees are the same; everyone has a different lifestyle and specific family needs. When you're searching for your new job, it's important to search for options that fit into your lifestyle. Use these tips to search for a job you love that will also leave time for you to spend with the family:

  • Know the right search terms. These might include working from home terms like remote work, telecommute job, distributed team, or virtual job. Flexible schedule terms include flexible schedule, flexible hours, and alternative schedule.
  • Pinpoint companies that advertise support for flexible work schedules and work-life balance.
  • Consider which industries have the most flexibility.
  • Talk to other working parents to find information about family-friendly companies in your area.
  • Look at the list of benefits. Family-friendly benefits may include childcare, family insurance options, IVF coverage, and adoption assistance.

5. Try Working With a Recruiter

Searching for a job on your own can be a major challenge. Luckily, you don’t have to do it alone! A recruiting agency works with a variety of companies in a variety of industries to place qualified employees where they're needed - think of your recruiter as a personal coach for landing the job you're searching for. Working with a recruiter gives you the opportunity to share your qualifications and let your dream job come to you. A recruiting agency is like a secret weapon for finding a job you love. Here are a few ways your recruiter might assist your job search:

  • Connect you with companies that are hiring
  • Provide insight about your desired industry
  • Provide insight on company culture, growth path, & employee satisfaction
  • Alert you to job openings as soon as they become available
  • Share resume advice
  • Market your talent to hiring companies
  • Provide interview coaching
  • Connect you with opportunities that aren't publicly advertised
  • Offer suggestions for roles or industries you may have not originally considered

Finding a job you love while supporting your family isn't impossible and it doesn't even have to be difficult. Begin by getting a firm understanding of what you need for complete job satisfaction. Follow up by finding the assistance you need to succeed by working with a recruiter. Career Group Companies has highly-trained recruiters who are specialized in a wide range of industries in order to match top companies with qualified candidates.

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