How to Break Into the Corporate World

Working on a corporate team can be an extremely rewarding experience. Across industries, going corporate can provide stability, longevity, and a clear path to success for many job seekers. If you are seeking opportunities in this avenue of work, you must be able to recognize the unique characteristics that define the landscape to understand how to get a corporate job.  

Approaching a corporate job search may feel different than other job searches. Knowing how to get a corporate job requires a different mentality and this may feel like an adjustment. From the way you dress in the workplace to the way you communicate with your colleagues, there are nuanced differences that define corporate jobs.  

Benefits of a Corporate Career

While working in a corporate setting may not be right for everyone, you may be drawn to this line of work if you are seeking these traits in your next opportunity:

1. Established company structure

Corporate jobs can provide a sense of safety and dependability. In many cases, corporate work comes with a security and stability that is appealing to job seekers.

2. Clearly defined growth opportunities

Corporate roles often have a straightforward trajectory for growth. You will likely be working alongside individuals who once held your position and have worked their way up, which can provide motivation and a sense of direction as you look to the future.  

3. Access to a network of peers

If you are seeking an opportunity where you will work alongside a large team, the corporate landscape may be right for you.

4. Set expectations and responsibilities

In many roles, not all, your job description will encompass the work that you will be performing. If you are looking for a more specific and dependable day-to-day, opportunities in admin support or other functions may be appealing.  

Landing a Corporate Job

Working in a corporate environment calls for a specific routine-oriented mentality and level of professionalism. You must understand what is appropriate and what is inappropriate for the environment and maintain a high level of discretion. As you seek out a career in the corporate world, consider how you can put your best foot forward in a way that reflects who you are and maintains your personality.

Professional Style

If you are going to be working on-site in a corporate setting, you will need to define your professional style. Lean into what you like and who you are, and tailor it for the corporate environment. Develop a wardrobe of professional clothing that you love. You’re going to be wearing this every day so make sure you love it! Your work clothes should be something you feel comfortable and confident in, while still looking appropriate of course (just use your best judgement!)

Effective Communication

Show your best side through your words. Define a professional communication style that reflects who you are while maintaining efficiency and clarity.  

Being topline and concise is your key to success. Learn how to communicate in a way that is pleasant but efficient. Avoid shorthand, casual language, and proofread everything!  

Your Online Presence

As you apply and interview for jobs, consider temporarily or permanently transitioning your social media pages to “private”. Keep in mind that everything you have online is a representation of your personal brand. If any of your social media accounts do not align with your professional brand, it may be a good idea to limit these profiles to your established group of friends for the time being.  

If you are seeking a job with more stability, security, and longevity, you may be ready to make the move into the corporate sector. Roles in administrative support or operations can be a great way to get your foot in the door to this landscape. Partnering with a recruiter who knows how to get a corporate job can be another strategic way to find opportunities. As you explore the job market, think about why you want to make this transition and what you will bring to the companies you are pursuing.

For over 40 years, Career Group has specialized in placing job seekers at the best companies nationwide. With dedicated teams for admin support, human resources, private sector, C-Suite placements, and more, our recruiters are experts in making the perfect career match. Explore our current opportunities on our Find Work page, or head to our LinkedIn to stay up to date with everything we are doing. Let’s find your people.

Julia Levy

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Originally from Texas, Julia Levy is a Senior Recruiting Associate on the Career Group team in Los Angeles. Julia attended St. Edward’s University in Austin, Texas where she earned a degree in General Business Administration. Before joining Career Group, she worked as an Administrative Assistant for a prominent talent management company. She was initially drawn to recruiting because she loves connecting with people and she finds it so fulfilling to give candidates access to new opportunities and experiences. Her advice to job seekers: always be yourself! Outside of work Julia enjoys running, music, listening to true crime podcasts and long walks with her dog.

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