How Miami has Become a Tech Job Hotspot

Miami is a well-established tourist destination best known for its beautiful beaches, diverse culture, and dynamic nightlife. However, the city is developing a new reputation as the number one place for tech development. Over the past few years, hundreds of companies from cryptocurrency to digital marketing have created roots in the Miami area. In 2021, the city witnessed more than $970 million in venture funding, up from just $135 million in 2016. While Miami has long been known as an attractive investment market, real movement began during the pandemic with significant government support. On December 4, 2020, Silicon Valley VC Delian Asparouhov sent out a half-joking tweet, "ok guys hear me out, what if we move silicon valley to Miami?" Mayor Francis Suarez tweeted an inviting answer, "How can I help?" The tweets went viral, and tech founders flocked to South Florida. The growth of technology companies and startups supports local job growth in Miami and the surrounding cities. It's good news for Miami job seekers hoping to pursue a career in technology. As successful tech companies and startups open their doors to new employees, and local education centers expand training opportunities for these roles, tech professionals can expect a variety of new opportunities to arise.

Miami Infrastructure and Business Advantages Naturally Supports Tech Growth

Although the open invitation from Governor Suarez and the relocation of big names from Silicon Valley add momentum to the movement, the city's impressive tech infrastructure makes it a natural destination for technology. Miami is home to Network Access Point of the Americas, a six-story 750,000 sq ft data center with direct peering access to more than 600 enterprise customers. Over 50% of Miami gets download speeds of 1,000 mbps or higher (more than twice the national average).The city also invests in attracting businesses to the area. For example, the Downtown Development Authority (DDA) introduced the Follow the Sun campaign in October 2020 to encourage the creation of local jobs. The program incentivizes businesses with at least 10 employees with a one-time payment per person who relocates. The fact that Florida is one of nine states that doesn't levy income tax doesn't hurt either since less money comes out of earners' paychecks each week.

Tech Companies and Startups in Miami

While there is some speculation the tech boom in Miami will fade as the impact of the pandemic subsides, the city's investments in the future of tech could tell a different story. With hundreds of new enterprises established in the city and programs like the Data Science for All initiative and Tesla's partnership with Miami Dade College working to train up-and-coming tech professionals, it seems tech is here to stay in Miami. While there is no shortage of tech companies to choose from, the Tech Tribune recognizes these startups among the best in Miami.

  • Reef Technology: Reef transforms static parking facilities into thriving mobility and logistical hubs. Its mission is to be the ecosystem that connects the world to your block.
  • Marco: The first US and LatAm's first tech-enabled financing platform built for small and medium-sized businesses - A leading trade finance platform company that processes payments, runs marketplaces, detects fraud, and helps entrepreneurs access liquidity for their business from anywhere in the world, Marco's goal is to provide reliable financial solutions to small to medium enterprises.
  • Papa: The first and only on-demand assistance service to help seniors with transportation, house needs, technology, and an amazing social experience-
  • Carevive Systems: An oncology-centered health technology company committed to understanding and improving the patient experience. Carevive's platform enables providers to monitor patient symptoms remotely to provide timely interventions that improve survival outcomes and patient quality of life.
  • RECUR: A company that designs and develops on-chain branded experiences that allow fans to buy, collect, and resell NFTs, RECUR is setting the standard for a decentralized recurring royalty.

Exciting Technology Job Opportunities in Miami

Miami has long been known as a popular vacation destination and retirement location. Yet, as home to over 100,000 people and with a $39 billion annual impact on the economy, Miami has much more to offer than resorts and beaches. The strong business environment and growing number of tech companies provide local professionals with opportunities to embark on an exciting career in technology.

Tech industry jobs range from FinTech, SaaS, or Crypto & Blockchain to software engineers, web developers, data scientists, and more. The tech industry is highly competitive and hiring at rapid speed. This can be even more true for companies getting a fresh start in a new area or startups working to get their operation off the ground. If you're hoping to work in tech in the Miami area, it's an exciting time to get started.

Many individuals seek the rewards of starting with a burgeoning company and contributing to its growing success, while others may be seeking new opportunities or in the midst of changing professions. Whether you're hoping to get hired at a startup or seeking a company with development potential, tech companies make an attractive option. Tech companies in Miami, and the applicants hoping to work with them, can expect the hiring market to be a competitive space. With the assistance of a top recruitment firm with vast experience in the Miami area, top companies and job seekers are more likely to find their perfect career match. Career Group Companies is a premier recruiting agency with offices in Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York City, Dallas, Greenwich, and of course, Miami. For over four decades, we've partnered with valued candidates and clients to cultivate matches between highly qualified candidates and successful companies. Tech growth in Miami can represent an uncertain landscape for job seekers and companies without a career network. Yet, for companies and job seekers with an inside track to available roles and top tech candidates, success is likely just around the corner. Learn more about how we can take your tech company or startup to the next level with a hiring strategy designed around your unique organization. Ready to find your perfect tech job? We can help with that too. Learn more about finding the perfect tech position in Miami.

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