Hiring the Best Administrative Team

In today’s corporate environment, building a strong administrative team is a necessity for any successful business. Gone are the days of simply filing paperwork and taking notes – in 2023, the administrative team serves as curators of office culture and as leaders with direct influence in the direction of the company. Finding a team of administrative support that is aligned with the values and goals of your company is the key to finding success in any industry. Whether your company is a well-established household name, or a series A start-up, it is imperative that you have a reliable administrative support team to foster growth. Finding the right administrative team requires focused attention and an in-depth search. Hire the best talent in the administrative field with us.

Hiring a Front Office Coordinator

The role of a Front Office Coordinator is crucial. These individuals are the first point of contact for the entire office and serve as external facing representatives for the company. This role often supports many teams and, when something goes wrong, can provide assistance and resources in a variety of areas.  Making intentional hires in this department is critical to the success of your business because of the central role that these individuals play in the office. A strong Front Office Coordinator demonstrates the values of the brand to all guests, callers, and partners in the office. They are the first representation of the company that many visitors will interact with and the individuals in these roles must have a level of professionalism that reflects the standards and values of the brand. The Front Office Coordinator also plays a major role in curating the company culture. All teams interact with this department, and a good Front Office Coordinator can establish relationships across the office with ease.  

Hiring an Executive Assistant

Once thought of as a gatekeeper, the Executive Assistant is now recognized as a true extension of the CEO and retains many of the responsibilities and relationships of the leadership team. An Executive Assistant must be prepared and ready for anything at any time. The most successful individuals are dynamic, resourceful, and always flexible enough to adapt to the situation at hand.  The Executive Assistant takes on many business functions and needs to understand the goals and direction of the company. In many cases, this individual can hold a level of responsibility for questions and decisions in the absence of the executive that they support. They must be aligned with the company’s leadership and be able to adopt the mindset of their executives.  

Hiring a Human Resources Team

One of the most important parts of building a strong administrative team is the Human Resources team. HR sets the tone for the office. From the HR Coordinator to the Human Resources Director, the Human Resources team ensures that the company is running smoothly and that all functions are occurring as they should. The HR team defines and demonstrates the company culture. Hiring the right HR team is crucial as they often lead from within and are responsible for keeping a pulse on the mood and morale of the office.  Similarly to HR, it is just as important to find the right team of Recruiters of Talent Acquisition Specialists to build out the rest of the company. This team finds, interviews, and hires new employees and is usually the first impression that new employees have of the company’s structure. Investing in your Human Resources and Talent Acquisition teams is critical to creating a company culture that both accomplishes business goals and retains employees for the long run.  

Working with a Recruiting Partner

As recruiters, we take the time to get to understand your company and the culture that you have created. We know that people are more than their resumes and we seek candidates who are not only a fit in terms of experience but also a fit for the culture and goals of your workplace. At Career Group Companies, we pride ourselves on an unparalleled hands-on approach. Through a thoughtful and in-depth search and screening process, we hand select the top talent in the market for the best hiring matches. You can learn more about our approach on our About Us page, or follow us on LinkedIn to stay up to date on everything we are doing. We believe in a long-term strategy. We are about building relationships and have always been about the people. If you are ready to bring on the best people to your team, let’s start the conversation today.

Brady Skinner

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A graduate of California State University at Chico, Brady Skinner holds a degree in Speech Pathology and Audiology. As Managing Director, Brady brings over twenty years of experience in the staffing industry to his clients and candidates. Since joining Career Group in 1999, Brady has been key to the success of the Temporary Division in San Francisco and throughout the Peninsula.

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