High-Paying Jobs for Creative Job Seekers

Sometimes, it can seem like the only option for an aspiring creative is to throw in the towel and get a steady job in corporate. But now the modern digital economy affords incredible opportunities to dedicated creatives. Consider pursuing one of these five high-paying jobs for creative job seekers.

1. Physical Product Designer

Are you passionate about thinking empathetically and innovatively? If so, consider a career in product design. As a product designer, you'll work with companies to ensure every aspect of their product works. Whether it's an office chair or a fidget spinner, your job is to make sure everything is as great as it can be. As a result, you'll connect with customers, marketing, operations, and just about everyone else at the company.

What Skills Does a Physical Product Designer Need?

  • A keen eye for aesthetic appearance; strong spatial intelligence; understanding of mechanics; ability to think empathetically from a user's point of view; and modeling proficiency (including CAD).

Where Do Physical Product Designers Work?

  • Retail product companies; design firms; brands; manufacturing companies; and ecommerce.

2. Digital Product Designer

If you gravitate towards technology, a position within digital product design is a great option. Digital product designers execute similar work assignments as physical product designers. In comparison, digital product designers work on software instead of physical products. Therefore you'll spend your days checking wireframes, examining screen flows, and testing. Overall, you'll make sure the program runs beautifully.

What Skills Does a Digital Product Designer Need?

  • UX/UI design; wireframing; visual design, including tools like Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop; HTML & CSS; Github; and strong visual design skills.

Where Do Digital Product Designers Work?

  • Software development companies; software design firms; startups; and enterprise tech companies.

3. Marketing Coordinator

A career in marketing allows you to think "big picture" and out of the box. As a marketing coordinator, you'll be in charge of designing and implementing marketing campaigns for brands and products. Some of your work will include implementation and testing, but when you design a campaign, the sky is the limit. An innovative, creative marketing campaign can kickstart a product into wild success. If you work as a marketing coordinator, you'll have the opportunity to come up with those innovative ideas.

What Skills Do Marketing Coordinators Need?

  • General background in marketing; understand how multiple marketing channels work together; strong communication skills; marketing analytics; copywriting; and social media.

Where Do Marketing Coordinators Work?

  • Consumer-facing companies; startups; and marketing agencies.

4. Growth Hacker

Growth hacking is like marketing, but distilled. As a growth hacker, you generate growth while using the least amount of resources possible. In this role, you will perform small tests on different marketing channels, see what generates returns, and double down on what works. Growth hacking is an exciting way to hone your chops as a marketer. Moreover, you'll have the opportunity to work on campaigns for brand new products with the potential to go viral.

What Skills Does a Growth Hacker Need?

  • Marketing experience; social media; A/B Testing; understand multiple marketing channels; content and copywriting; cold emailing; and public relations.

Where Do Growth Marketers Work?

  • Startups; small companies; digital product-based companies; and physical product-based companies.

5. Web Designer

As a web designer, you can take your visual creativity online and to build unique, engaging experiences. Web designers work to create impactful websites for their clients. Additionally, you will build aesthetics based on client needs and user satisfaction. In this role, you focus on hard outcomes such as conversion rates. Conversely, a web designer is a great position if you want to translate visual artistic abilities into a high-paying, high-growth career.

What Skills Do Web Designers Need?

  • HTML5; CSS; visual design, including Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop; Github; A/B Testing; wire-framing; Wordpress; Squarespace; and Wix.

Where Do Web Designers Work?

  • Freelance; startups; mid-size companies; design agencies; enterprise corporations; any company that has a web presence.

These positions will let you flex your creative muscles and build a long-term career. We invite all job seekers, especially for those interested in high-paying and creative jobs, to explore Syndicatebleu’s job page.

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