Elevating Event Staffing: The Power of On-Site Management

Organizing a large-scale live event is no easy task. Whether you are planning a brand activation, investor summit, or throwing a 3-day music festival, events always bring unexpected challenges and having the right support is critical. Event staffing can seem overwhelming, but with the right team it doesn’t have to be. We are breaking down the key strategies of hiring reliable event staff and exploring ways to reduce stress and maximize success for your next event.

Making the Most Out of Your Hiring Process

It’s no secret that finding the right team is critical for a successful event, but it can often be a challenge to secure reliable talent who are ready to represent your brand. Conducting a thorough search is important, but because of the demands of your event you may need to move more quickly than you would prefer. You may only have the capacity for one or two conversations with each candidate before you decide to bring them onto the event. Your interview questions should address:

  • Experience: Does the candidate have past experience in events? Do they have experience working in events in your industry? What size of events have they worked on in the past?
  • Flexibility: Is this candidate going to be able to balance an array of diverse tasks? How do they handle prioritization?
  • Customer Service: Is this candidate going to be guest facing? If so, they should demonstrate strong people skills and be able to provide top tier customer service

Understanding On-Site Management

When it comes to staffing major events, having a strong management team is necessary for a smooth experience. While many staffing agencies provide personnel, having an on-site management takes it a step further. With Career Group Companies, we pride ourselves on working with you as a trusted partner to ensure your event’s success. From handling various aspects such as breaking temps and managing escalations to making real-time decisions that reflect your goals, we work closely with you to be able to act as an extension of your management so that you can save time and focus your energy in the most efficient ways.

We believe that the best events are built on the foundation of a strong partnership. On-site management allows you to meet the unique demands of your event while ensuring that your staff is taken care of and given adequate support.

When to Opt for On-Site Event Management

The decision to incorporate on-site management depends on the scale and complexity of the event. For larger shows with more logistics, having a dedicated on-site team becomes invaluable. For large scale  events, your on-site management should serve as the eyes and ears, managing staffing levels, breaks, and addressing any issues that may arise in real-time. Trustworthy on-site management will be extremely hands on and find solutions to problems before they arise. This proactive approach not only helps you optimize your time, but enhance the overall experience for both the staff and the attendees.

Elevating Your Event Experience

A successful event requires a successful team, and at Career Group Companies our focus is not only on supplying staff but on building lasting relationships and understanding the unique requirements of each event.

With over 40 years of recruiting and staffing experience, we know the ins and outs of what makes a successful team. Our Event Team goes beyond traditional event staffing by offering expertise and insight into the intricacies of different event types. From conventions to concerts, the Event Team is fluent in the language of live events, and as the industry evolves, so do we. This level of adaptability allows you to cut down on unnecessary costs, optimize staffing levels, and ensure the success of the event.

Ready to enhance your event and take your event staffing to the next level? Connect with us to hire talent or learn more about our offerings on our Event Team page. You can follow us on LinkedIn and Instagram to check out all that we’re up to and to stay up to date with our events as they happen in real time. Let’s make unforgettable experiences, together.

Dominique Curatola

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As Managing Director of the Event Team, Dominique Curatola was an integral part of the 2021 Event Team relaunch. She loves cultivating meaningful relationships with her clients and is passionate about helping them build exceptional teams and unforgettable events. Dominique leads our onsite management team, where she works beside our clients to ensure the success of their events. Dominique earned her Master’s Degree from Chapman University in Leadership Development and her undergraduate degree in Strategic and Corporate Communication. Before working with Career Group Companies, Dominique worked as an Operations Manager in the technology and venture capital industries. Outside of work, you can find her reading, traveling and spending time with friends and family.

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