Benefits of Working With a Recruiter

At some point in the quest for your dream job, you’ve probably asked yourself, “Should I work with a recruiter?” The idea of adding an extra layer to the job search may sound daunting. But one of the many benefits of working with a recruiter is that these professionals can streamline the process and speed things up. If you’re currently working a full-time job that you aren’t in love with, and don’t have the time, energy, or resources to dedicate to a job search, recruiters can help you.In a preliminary interview, you can explain your background and career goals. Recruiters know what their clients are looking for, so they can help curate the perfect resume that sends yours to the top. Additionally, it helps that recruiters are industry experts. At Career Group Companies, our recruiters specialize in fashion, creative, executive, administrative, and experiential. We have connections to help you get your foot in the door.  Keep reading to learn more about how a recruiter can help you land your dream job!

Recruiters are experts in their fields.

Many recruiters are professionals in their chosen industries. Our Fourth Floor recruiters came from fashion backgrounds in sales, wholesale, and merchandising. On the other hand, our Syndicatebleu team is made up of copywriters, advertisers, and marketers. Because our recruiters are so ingrained in their unique industries, we have vast networks of clients. More often than not, our clients are hiring. Recruiters know exactly what types of jobs their clients will be hiring for, and they know how to choose the perfect candidate.

You’re on their list.

Many recruiters and recruiting agencies send regular newsletters including their latest exciting opportunities. Once you’ve interviewed with one, you’ll be on the recruiter’s contact list and among the first to know when a new opportunity is available. This usually means that you’ll have VIP access to jobs that haven’t been posted yet.That’s not to say, however, that you should pause your own job hunt. Keep checking the firm’s website for listings, and reach out to the recruiter that you interviewed with to express your interest. Since you’ve already fostered a relationship, it’ll be easier to throw your resume into the ring.

They provide guidance along your career path.

As mentioned earlier, recruiters maintain a steady stream of clients, open positions, and candidates. To help position you for success, our recruiters typically conduct a preliminary interview to get to know your interests and experiences. This provides them with insight into which opportunities would be the perfect fit for you. If you’re a graphic designer with three years of experience and expert Photoshop abilities, you better believe that your recruiter will call you when a client needs someone like you ASAP.Again, don’t put off your own search for the dream job, and don’t rely on the recruiter to call you every time they have an opening. But it does help to get to know a recruiter. Tell them exactly what you’re looking for, and ask that they keep you in mind for future roles in your field. More likely than not, you’ll hear from them soon.

They’ve been in your shoes.

At some point in their careers, recruiters were on the job hunt. They may have even been recruited to work at a recruiting firm, so they have firsthand experience with the life-cycle of the hiring process. This is beneficial for you because they can prepare you for any type of scenario, such as how to dress for the company you’re interviewing with or key points of emphasis to help highlight your notable successes. Your recruiter will probably have an answer for almost any question you throw at them.

They want it to work out just as much as you do.

Good recruiters care the most about making the right match – for both candidates and clients. They want you to succeed and flourish in your new role, and they want their client to grow their team full of employees who love their company. Few things are more satisfying to a recruiter than watching their candidates flourish and define their careers at companies they have personally placed them in.Career Group Vice President Jillian Lawrence can speak to the longevity of our candidates and how it impacts her. When asked about her proudest career success in her rewarding recruiting tenure, she recounted: “In 2010, I placed a candidate as a Receptionist at one of the leading financial firms in NYC. She grew to become an HR Generalist and my client contact at a new company. It was pretty incredible to watch her career trajectory over the 9 years I’ve been recruiting. Luckily, career paths developing like this due to where I place someone is a common occurrence.” When a recruiter makes a perfect fit, it benefits everyone in the long run.A recruiter’s mission is to connect stellar candidates with their dream opportunities at first-rate companies. They want you to land the job as much as you do, because that means that all parties involved have found the perfect match. At Career Group Companies, it is our goal to forever change our candidates’ lives by placing them and watching them flourish in their dream jobs, companies, and career paths.If you’re at a crossroads in your career or just want an expert to turn to, reach out to one of our recruiters or apply for an opportunity to kickstart your job search.

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