How to Become a Marketing Executive

The field of marketing spans across all industries and plays a critical role in the success of businesses at every stage and size. There are many ways to develop your career in marketing and with such a wide range of opportunities, there is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to building the career that is right for you.  Whether you are a data-driven analyst or an outside of the box creative, it is important to gain experience in a variety of areas if you dream of someday becoming an industry leader.  

Beginning Your Career

Gaining an education in marketing or business is a great way to begin a career in the industry. While in college, pursue internships to determine what you are interested in within the realm of marketing. Seek out opportunities that give you experiences in varying types of marketing; roles in social media, content creation, digital analytics, or PR can build your resume and help to refine your skillset.  

Opportunities in Marketing

Roles in marketing are often differentiated by brand marketing and digital marketing. Brand refers to the creative and storytelling aspects of marketing, while digital refers to the analytics and data-driven work. Individuals with a disposition towards writing, literature, and creativity may find themselves drawn to brand marketing, while those with strengths in numbers, math, and analytics may find themselves best suited for opportunities in the digital space.  

Roles in Brand Marketing

If you are interested in pursuing a career in brand marketing some roles that you may want to consider would include:

Roles in Digital Marketing

If you are interested in pursuing a career in digital marketing some roles that you may want to consider would include:

  • Performance & Growth Marketing
  • CRM & Loyalty  
  • Social Media
  • Email Marketing

Building Your Skills

As you continue your career in marketing, pursue roles that are blended, focusing on both the brand side and the digital side. Often referred to as 360 Marketing, this experience is crucial in developing the skills required for a leadership position, such as a CMO (Chief Marketing Officer).  In your current role, whether it be on the brand or digital side, find ways to collaborate with team members in different areas. Gaining knowledge and an understanding of the facets of each role will better your overall comprehension of the entire marketing process. For example, if you are working in copywriting, take time to learn from the graphic design, content creation, social media, and SEM (Search Engine Marketing) teams to gain insight into every niche and function of marketing. This will not only help you in your current role, but also help you build your career overall.  

Becoming a Marketing Executive

If you have acquired the years of experience necessary to lead a marketing team and you have the 360 knowledge to speak in every area of the field, you may be ready to take on a high-level leadership role in marketing.  The best marketing executives have a strong passion for the space, a desire to see their company scale, and an exceptional ability to be creative and think outside of the box. Competitive candidates for high level roles, such as CMO, have knowledge and strength in both the analytical side and creative side of marketing and the ability to articulate and execute a vision.   If you are ready to grow your career in Marketing, it is important to have someone by your side who can advise and advocate for you throughout your journey. At Career Group Companies, we pride ourselves on a unique hands-on approach to recruiting. With opportunities in Marketing across various industries and levels of experience, we are here to help you develop your dream career. Browse our open roles on our Find Work page and connect with us on LinkedIn to stay up to date with our latest opportunities.

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