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What is a Technical Designer?

Technical designers assist in the development and maintenance of garment production. They serve as an integral part in taking a design from concept to shelf for consumers by adapting ideas created by apparel and footwear designers into tangible products. Technical designers are known for their familiarity with relevant industry software and their ability to solve problems and find creative solutions alongside concept designers to achieve final designs.

Hiring a Technical Designer

You want to hire a technical designer with the right qualifications. At the foundational level, technical designers have solid working knowledge of fittings, sample evaluations, and tech packs. They are also well versed in patternmaking, draping, grading, and factory production to ensure a design can be feasibly made within given parameters.A degree in fashion or technical design is usually required. Proficiency in CAD or AutoCAD is also highly desirable, along with experience in Adobe Creative Suite.

Duties of a Technical Designer

  • Checking development and fit samples for construction and measurement accuracy
  • Attending fit sessions and providing comment reports
  • Create and maintain accurate, detailed specification packages following design direction from development through to production
  • Anticipate and troubleshoot possible problems in production offering appropriate solutions
  • Source and vet materials vendors
  • Maintain a library of POM drawings, patterns, trims, etc.

Interview Questions to Ask

Asking the right interview questions when hiring a technical designer is key. When interviewing, we recommend engaging in thoughtful conversations and purposeful relationship building. Here are some starter questions to consider when hiring a technical designer:

  • What tools and software do you prefer when creating technical designs?
  • Do you prefer to work collaboratively or autonomously? Why?
  • Have you ever had to balance aesthetics with technical constraints? What was your approach?
  • Can you share examples a time when you optimized technical designs to improve fit?

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What is a Technical Designer?

A technical designer is a professional who combines design and engineering principles to develop practical solutions. They bridge the gap between design concepts and implementation by creating detailed technical drawings, specifications, and instructions. Technical designers collaborate with design teams and engineers to ensure that designs align with technical constraints and standards. They use software tools to create accurate drawings and models, considering factors like materials, manufacturing processes, and cost. Technical designers play a crucial role in transforming design ideas into functional and manufacturable products or systems.

What are Measurable KPIs for Technical Designers?

Measurable Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for technical designers can vary depending on the responsibilities and goals of the role within the office. Here are some commonly used KPIs for technical designers:

- Design Accuracy: Evaluating the number of design errors or deviations found during design reviews or the implementation phase.
- Design Efficiency: Understanding the time taken to complete design projects, comparing estimated versus actual design timelines, or tracking the number of iterations required to finalize a design.
- Design Quality: Assessing the level of adherence to industry standards, compliance with design guidelines, or feedback from stakeholders and end-users.
- Innovation and Creativity: Keeping an eye on the number of design ideas or concepts introduced, the level of uniqueness in designs, or the successful implementation of innovative features.
- Continuous Learning and Development: Tracking the designer's participation in training programs, industry certifications, or their engagement in knowledge-sharing activities within the organization.

KPIs should align with the targeted objectives and responsibilities of the technical designers job description in an organization. It's important to set specific targets and update these KPIs regularly to ensure relevance.

What Experience is Needed to be a Technical Designer?

To become a technical designer, a combination of education, practical experience, and technical skills is desired. Typically, technical designers have a bachelor's degree or higher in fields like industrial design, product design, or mechanical engineering. Practical experience gained through internships or entry-level positions in design firms or relevant industries is valuable. Proficiency in using design software, such as CAD and 3D modeling tools, is crucial, along with knowledge of industry-specific standards and best practices.

Technical designers require a combination of education, experience, technical skills, problem-solving abilities, collaboration, and effective communication. A degree in a relevant field, practical experience, proficiency in design software, and a well-curated portfolio are key components of a successful technical designer's background.

What Tools and Softwares are Popular for Technical Designers?

Technical designers use a variety of tools and software to create and communicate their designs. Computer-Aided Design (CAD) software like AutoCAD, SolidWorks, and CATIA are popular choices for creating detailed technical designs and 2D drawings, while 3D modeling and rendering software such as Blender, SketchUp, and Rhino allow designers to visualize their designs in a realistic manner. Prototyping tools like Adobe XD and Figma help designers create interactive prototypes for testing and refining their designs before implementation. In architecture and construction industries, BIM software like Revit and ArchiCAD are widely used for creating detailed 3D models and collaborating with other professionals involved in the building process. Electrical designers often rely on specialized software like Altium Designer and Eagle for circuit design and PCB layout.

It's worth noting that the choice of tools will vary based on industry, project requirements, and personal preferences. Technical designers often acquire skills with multiple tools to adapt to different project needs, and some may be more specialized for specific industries or design disciplines. The continuous advancements in technology also lead to the emergence of new tools and software, so staying updated with industry trends and being adaptable to learning new tools is crucial for technical designers.

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