Trending Roles in the Fashion Industry

The fashion industry is always changing, and while hiring needs fluctuate along with the market, there are a few areas in which companies are rapidly developing. Candidates seeking fashion industry jobs have a variety of roles to explore. From large established brands to up and coming fashion houses, our clients are seeking skilled and experienced talent for roles in digital marketing, production and product management, and retail at all levels.  

Jobs in Digital Marketing

For the last decade, the fashion industry has been evolving to meet the needs of the digital age. In 2023, brands are still discovering all that is possible within ecommerce and digital marketing. With omnichannel retail as the new industry standard, companies are looking for talent who can refine their online presence and continue to advance their brand into the future. Whether it’s digital marketing, ecommerce, CRM marketing, social media, or UX/UI design, we are seeing a lot of need in this area of the fashion industry. Brands have been choosing to invest in their digital presence and ramping up their marketing efforts, creating more opportunities than ever in this field. Our clients are seeking out talent who has experience outside of traditional brick and mortar marketing. Candidates with this specific experience are in high demand.  From social media assistants and managers to VP-level roles, companies are seeking individuals with strengths in this area of digital marketing. If you are interested in roles within the social sphere, having literacy on TikTok and Instagram is a must. Many established brands want to build or reinforce their presence on these social networks and need teams who deeply understand the cultures of these popular platforms. Being able to not only post but understand and participate in the trends of the moment will give you a leg up in this field. For roles more geared towards ecommerce and UX/UI development, experience is more systems specific. Being savvy with the latest software systems in your field is the key to landing a role within this sector of the fashion industry. Depending on the company and position, different software systems may be requested, but having solid experience with industry standards is always helpful. Platforms such as Microsoft BI, Shopify and Google Analytics are some of the most requested qualifications for roles in ecommerce and digital marketing. Experience with paid vs. organic media, email marketing, and SMS marketing are other skills that are often necessary for success in fashion marketing.  

Jobs in Fashion Production

Another area in fashion that is seeing a lot of growth right now is production. Companies are seeking out strong production managers and other members of the supply chain as we continue to recover from the unpredictability of the last few years. Oftentimes, our clients are seeking out individuals with strong managerial and leadership skills, relevant experience, and the ability to keep costs low.  Experience throughout the entire production process, beginning with conception all the way through to production is a strong asset for work in this area of the industry. Having comparable experience is always something that our clients are seeking out and can give you a boost in the interview process. Some common areas that companies look at include experience in domestic vs. global production, category of production (whether that be jewelry, apparel, or consumer packaged goods), and the ability to negotiate.  A major component of working in production is the ability to negotiate and maintain low costs throughout the supply chain. For a production manager job, keeping costs low is the definition of success. While many qualifications are required for roles in production, companies are seeking organized communicators who can balance the flow of the stages of production while continuing to negotiate for lower costs and efficiency in the process.  

Jobs in Retail

Jobs in retail are unique because success in this field often comes down to a company culture and personality fit. There is a huge need right now for quality candidates who are dedicated and passionate about retail in general. Brands are often willing to pay top dollar for a strong and experienced candidate, so working in this field should not be overlooked. Skills that can help a candidate for retail work stand out are often interpersonal; the ability to read a room, match customers’ moods, and strong skills in personal presentation are sought out by brands for retail positions. If you are an expert in a field, you may even be contacted quite frequently by other brands in the industry. Specialized knowledge in a product category leads to success for retail roles and can set you apart from the rest in your job search.  

How to Gain Work Experience in Fashion

Whatever your line of work may be, gaining relevant experience is critical. If you are breaking into the fashion industry, internships and apprenticeships can be a great way to build your resume. Taking advantage of your undergraduate experience with an internship will not only help you network and gain connections, but also help you refine your skills and understand what you're passionate about.  Another way to gain experience in the fashion industry is through temporary and freelance fashion jobs. As you build your resume in the industry, the flexibility of temporary work is often beneficial to your personal development. Companies usually hire at a faster pace for freelance positions which allows you to gain relevant working experience and explore new areas of the industry.  

Whether you are just beginning your journey in fashion, or you are a seasoned professional looking for your next great opportunity, the team at Fourth Floor is here to help. With expert industry knowledge and a passion for making perfect placements, we work with our network of top tier designers and brands to find opportunities that fit your unique skillset.  You can browse our range of open opportunities on our LinkedIn and Find Work pages, as well as follow Fourth Floor on LinkedIn for updates on our newest opportunities.

Heather Hones

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A native of Minneapolis, Minnesota, Heather attended the University of Missouri, Columbia to earn her degree in Textile and Apparel Management/Marketing and Merchandising. Prior to her current position, she was a stylist at Nordstrom. Now, working for both the Fourth Floor Team and Career Group Team, she enjoys pursuing a career where she can combine her love for networking with people along with her interest in fashion and sales. When she’s not in the office, you can find her walking down by the seaport or searching for New York’s strongest coffee!

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