8 Reasons to Start a New Year Job Search

As the holiday season comes to a close, many of us start to wonder – when is the best time to find a new job?The New Year is a great time to revamp your career search and start looking for new job opportunities: New Year, New Career.

But is there an actual benefit to job searching in the new year? The short answer... yes! January and February are the best times to look for a new job, according to research. Read on to learn why.

#1 - The New Year Brings a Fresh Perspective

Feeling refreshed after your holiday break? The New Year is a great opportunity to hit the ground running. If you were lucky enough to spend some time away from the office, it might have given you the distance and perspective to re-evaluate your job search with fresh eyes. By taking the time to focus and zero in on your ideal next step, you are one step closer to finding your perfect opportunity.

#2 - Get ahead of the Uncertain Economy

The hiring market remains strong, but many economists wonder how long this will last with whispers of a recession looming in the background. 2022 boasted an aggressive job market, and the demand for qualified candidates was higher than ever. We do not anticipate this changing in 2023, and the job market has proven resilient in the past 3 years. However, any uncertainty after Q1 may cause companies to slow down hiring later in the year. Strike while the iron is hot - so they say. When the market is more competitive in the new year, partnering with a recruiting firm will give you a leg up on the competition.

#3 - Companies Have a Fresh Hiring Budget

Some companies budget according to the calendar year, meaning the start of the new year is reflected in their hiring budget. Many of our clients spent the latter part of 2022 preparing their 2023 hiring strategy and plan to list new job openings in January and February. With new 2023 goals, sales forecasts, and projects to get off the ground, leading companies will be in need of additional support.

#4 - Extra Time to Refresh Your Resume

While companies are ready to hire in 2023, hiring managers who just got back from holiday break may need some time to catch up. Hiring during the first few weeks of the new year may be at a slightly slower pace, giving you time to refresh your resume and put your best foot forward. Give your CV some TLC before hitting the apply button!

#5 - Secure Employee Benefits for the New Year

If you’re interested in personal financing and budgeting for the new year, you may want to take employee benefits into account. If you’re prioritizing a strong benefits package in your next full-time job opportunity, now is a great time to start looking! Make sure you inquire about the benefits package to see how it will affect your bottom line - after all, employer-sponsored health care and other benefits factor into your overall compensation in a big way. Those monthly savings make a big difference.

#6 - Hiring Managers Will Have More Time

There’s no doubt that hiring managers have a big job, but that is only made worse by end-of-year deadlines and other projects that need to be wrapped up in December. January and February offer clean slates for Hiring Managers as well. Some HR departments may have more time to interview, onboard, and train new employees now that end-of-year projects are off the table.

#7 - Use Holiday Networking to Your Advantage

Holiday gatherings - even virtual ones - offer new networking opportunities! Use this time to reconnect with peers and other professional contacts and use long-term relationships to your advantage. Connect with everyone you know on LinkedIn and spend time nurturing those relationships. Someone in your network may know the hiring manager at your dream company. It’s always a good idea to reach out to your support system for help.

#8 - Create Tangible New Year Job Goals

The new year is filled with new beginnings. One of these could be establishing healthier habits when it comes to searching for your next job, like setting small, tangible daily goals. Whether it is reaching out to three connections a day or sending five resumes out a week, staying diligent with these benchmarks can bring along unexpected opportunities. Breaking the job search down into these smaller components will also help you from feeling overwhelmed by the process.

Did you know 87% of people thought about changing careers in the past 12 months? Now is the perfect time to turn those thoughts into actions.  Hiring managers have fresh eyes and fresh budgets. You have a strong network, healthy habits, and a top-notch resume in hand. Begin to ramp up your job search by reaching out to a professional and experienced recruiter at Career Group Companies and we’ll be your partner throughout your job search process.

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