Why You Should Partner with an Executive Search Firm

Finding the right fit for an executive position is no easy task and attracting high-level talent can prove to be a challenge. When it comes to filling important senior, VP, and executive-level positions in your company, partnering with an executive search firm is the best way to ensure a smooth process, start to finish.  

Leadership succession is a common challenge for top-performing companies. If you don't have the right person in place to take over a role, a high-level vacancy can have major effects on your organization. Efficiency, a strong sense of discretion, and quality judgment are crucial to making the best hire for an executive role. At CG Search, we offer a white glove approach with a personalized search style tailored to the unique needs of your company. Our team is made up of industry experts who know the importance of finding not only the right qualifications but the right personality and demeanor for the role.

While every search garners different needs, these are a few reasons why partnering with an executive search firm can improve your talent acquisition process and strengthen your team.

The benefits of partnering with an executive search firm

Exclusive Access to high-level talent

Filling high-level roles is not as simple as posting a job opening online.  It is likely that the best person for the job is already working and therefore not browsing job platforms. When internal, personal, and company networking connections have been exhausted, and the role has still not been placed, it may be time to contact an executive search firm to take advantage of a trained talent acquisition team’s specialized skillset.

“Executive-level candidates are often more passive in their searches,” notes CG Search Recruiting Manager Catherine Drinker, “hiring these candidates can be extremely time consuming, so partnering with a well-connected search firm is critical to finding the right leader.”

The best executive search firms, like CG Search, are in regular contact with industry leaders in a variety of fields and are likely aware of who may be open to new opportunities. Partnering with an executive search firm opens the door to the top talent in any industry and allows for connections to high-caliber candidates that may not be otherwise accessible.

Quicker time to hire

If you ask anyone in Human Resources, searches for senior-level roles, when done internally, can be extremely time-consuming. Senior-level roles often come with specific and nuanced requirements, so it can be challenging to find the right person with the perfect blend of skills. High-level roles require full-time commitment to fill, and executive search firms understand the importance of a smooth transition to maintain stability and productivity throughout the hiring process.

“Interviewing candidates is a full-time job,” says Director of Recruitment at Fourth Floor, Carly Fisher, “Partnering with a recruiting agency for your executive search can alleviate a lot of the added stress that comes with filling such an important role.”

Having an expert talent acquisition team by your side allows for a dedicated executive search effort without taking time away from other internal hiring or tasks. The average executive search takes 4 to 5 months for a recruiting team to find the perfect fit; however, when you partner with a firm that specializes in high-level hiring within your industry, the candidate marketplace can be more thoroughly searched, and only the best talent is presented for consideration.


In many cases, discretion is key in finding and placing a new executive position. Whether a new role is being created or an existing executive is underperforming, a strong sense of discernment is a must for any efficient search.

Third-party executive search firms are highly trained in confidential sourcing and recruiting, which means you can rest easy knowing the search will be handled with top-level discretion and professionalism.

“Often, the searches we work on are completely confidential and there is typically someone in the role, so discretion and ensuring client calendars are locked is critical” states Drinker. “We always ensure company names remain confidential for as long as necessary and we are diligent to ensure the confidentiality around a search is something the candidates interviewing are aware of and honoring.”

Executive search firms also take on the task of conducting reference checks and delving into each person’s background, expertise, and career objectives to determine if they are the right long-term fit for the organization.

Hiring Market Expertise and Intelligence

Many organizations have differing internal opinions on what the vacant role requires and what type of candidate will be the best match. Not only do executive roles need to be filled by someone who has the right technical and leadership skills, they also need to fit well into the company’s existing culture. It’s not uncommon for someone to appear like an excellent match on paper, but in reality, their leadership style or preferred work environment wouldn’t mesh with their new team. Other candidates may have excellent backgrounds but prove difficult to work with or fail to adhere to certain company policies. An executive search firm can take all feedback into consideration and offer guidance on what type of leader would be best suited to the job, taking into account personality, prior work experience, and any specific requirements  noted by the hiring team.  

“We serve as an unbiased mediator that can relay information to our clients,” Drinker explains, “our candidates feel comfortable being very open with us about their concerns and desires. They know that we will advocate for them throughout the process, while of course making sure to find the right fit to meet our client’s needs.”

An executive search firm that understands every level of your business

At CG Search, we pride ourselves on acting as strategic advisors to our clients, offering our expertise every step of the way and encouraging our clients to think strategically about the teams they curate for long-term growth. Other executive search firms may be subject matter experts, but at CG Search, we are Client Experts. We work with you at every level of your business, from temporary hires to your accounting and finance needs, and everything in between. We leverage our existing knowledge of your business and the types of candidates who thrive in your environment, coupled with decades of executive recruitment experience, to ensure we don't just find the perfect candidate - we find the perfect candidate for you.

If you are ready to elevate your executive search process, we have a team of specialized experts at CG Search who are eager to help you find the perfect fit for your company. Connect with us to get started and let’s find your people.  

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