Is it Time to Move Up in Your Career?

Taking the necessary steps to move up in your career might seem intimidating at first, but you will never know until you try. Sometimes you just have to go for it whether you are ready or not. Should you apply for the job? Here are five signs that you are ready to move up:

1. Your Current Assignments Have Gotten Easier

If you find yourself breezing through your work assignments without errors and without any micromanaging, then you may be ready for the next level. Oftentimes you start off with a lot of supervision and a lot of questions, and before you know it you are spreading your wings to fly solo on projects. This does not always mean that you are ready for the next level, but if your end goal is to progress in the company and expand your skills, then you should express that from the beginning and put in the necessary time and work to get to the next stage.

2. You Want to Challenge Yourself in a New Role

No matter if you start at an entry-level position or an intermediate position, sometimes you just want to push yourself just to see how you will do. Breaking your own boundaries to reach your full potential can be critical in shifting your career. There is no problem with this; however, you should be realistic with what you can handle and take on when applying for a new position because with each new level lies more responsibility.

3. You Are a Problem-Solver

If you have become a solutionist instead of always being the one to present the problems, then you show just how reliable and independent you are. If you take the initiative to tackle a new project or create a more efficient and effective way to do certain tasks, this is a huge sign that you are indeed ready to take on a more complex role in the company.

4. You Are Helpful

Moving up does not have to be a selfish act. By sharing your knowledge and skillset you show that you are dedicated to not only bettering yourself, but your peers and the company as a whole. You also show that you are someone that people feel comfortable going to when they have work-related issues. Being helpful is a good trait to have overall because it makes you more desirable and attracts people and opportunities to you.

5. You Are Eager to Learn More

Because nothing shows that you are ready to move up more than being willing to continue to learn along the way. Yes, you may know things at your current level but there will always be new things to learn as you grow. By doing so you show that you are someone who stops at nothing even once you get what you sought after.

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