5 Ways to Improve Your LinkedIn Profile

Building an online presence is key in today’s market. As a job seeker, having an engaging and informative LinkedIn is crucial to standing out to hiring managers. By crafting a LinkedIn profile that showcases your experiences, strengths, and personality you can create a better picture of yourself and the value that you will bring to an organization.  There are millions of users on LinkedIn. By building an authentic profile that showcases who you truly are, you will stand out to the individuals that can relate to you and want to work with you. Just like any other social media, being able to build relationships through relatability will propel you further and will help you create a network of individuals who are excited to work with you.  

How to Level Up Your LinkedIn Profile

Be Authentic

Use LinkedIn as a platform to show your authentic self, in a professional context. Avoid trying to a fit a mold or creating an image of someone that you’re not – most people can sniff out a forced post. You will connect with the best opportunities when you bring your whole authentic self to your LinkedIn profile. Oftentimes, the value of showcasing your personality gets overlooked. Sharing content about interests, passions, philanthropic work, or other parts of your life story can help to create a more complete picture of who you are. Try posting about a passion project you are working on, achieving a personal goal, or a life milestone through a professional lens – these types of posts build relationships because they show who you truly are.

Your Profile as a Mini Hall of Fame

Your LinkedIn does not have to be strictly career related content. Consider your unique life experiences or passions and how these might strengthen your personal brand. Sometimes even simple characteristics, like being an athlete or a creative, can lead to professional connections built over shared interests. Think of your LinkedIn profile as a mini hall of fame where you can showcase who you are and what you’ve accomplished in a humble and professional way.  

Highlight Soft Skills

In today’s market, soft skills are the #1 thing that employers are looking at. You must possess certain soft skills to continue to evolve and grow within any organization. Hiring managers are looking for candidates who are adaptable and solution oriented, have strong emotional intelligence, and can build relationships and rapport. If you are able to start showcasing some of your soft skills on your LinkedIn profile, you will have a stronger online presence and gain an advantage in the hiring process.

Engage Effectively

As a recruiter, one of the first things I look at on someone’s profile is their recent engagement. I look at when their last engagement was, and what type of content they were sharing or engaging with. Online interactions help to give a clearer picture of who a candidate is:

  • What is the energy that they are putting out online?
  • Are they using their voice and how are they using it?
  • Are they a positive support system for their network?

These are a few of the questions I may ask myself as I am trying to understand who someone is by looking at their online profile.  

Networking For the Long Run

People put a lot of pressure on the word “networking”. It can often be misunderstood as something more transactional or short term than it should be. Networking is how you find solutions for others and build a relationship in the process. Effective networking comes from a mindset of service. Ask yourself:

  • How can I use my skills to help this individual?
  • What can I learn from this individual?
  • How can I add value to this individual’s business?

Networking is a marathon, not a sprint. If you bring a desire to help and a mindset of service to every relationship, you will create a lasting and authentic network.  LinkedIn is a powerful platform that can create opportunity and grow your network. By staying consistent and showcasing your authentic self-online, you can build a personal brand that speaks to your story, experiences, and strengths.

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