How to Stay Motivated During the Job Hunt

The process of finding the perfect job can be monotonous, taxing, and come with some disappointments. Post-pandemic, many candidates are looking to make a career change or are shifting their workplace priorities. In this competitive hiring market – the number of open jobs can seem overwhelming, vast, and limited, all at once.  Whether you’re exhausted from applying to hundreds of jobs with no end in sight, or if you’re getting through rounds of interviews and not making the final cut, it can be challenging to stay motivated. Luckily, we are here to help! Here are the best ways to keep motivated during the job hunt.


#1 Set tangible goals for yourself

Start with setting a daily goal for how many applications you will submit – and then start sending out your resume. Everyone’s limit is different, but a good benchmark to strive for is three applications per day. This is a solid number to feel like you’ve accomplished something, without completely draining your energy. Consistency is key – the more applications you have submitted – the more chances you have at scheduling and interview.

#2 Acknowledge your emotions but don’t let them get the best of you

It’s okay to feel sad or discouraged sometimes, but don’t let your emotions prohibit you from moving forward. Exert self-confidence and remind yourself what you excel at, then trust that you are capable of handling anything thrown your way. By taking any negative emotions you may feel and channeling them towards strengthening your skillset – you regain control of your career. Overthinking is bound to happen, but you can liberate yourself by letting things go and focusing on your strengths.

#3 Ask the interviewer for feedback

Self-reflection can be difficult, but it’s essential for personal growth. Mustering the courage to ask your interviewer why you weren’t the right fit will show your desire to grow, and help you make improvements for your next interview.  Then practice implementing small changes into your interview technique – you can do this on your own or using a buddy system! Ask a friend who is also job searching to participate in mock interviews and you can help each other polish your technique!

#4 Remember what you’re worth

Don’t settle. Avoid applying to every job, or hitting Easy Apply on every LinkedIn listing. Try to be selective; only apply for jobs you would conceivably accept if offered. Self-confidence and self-worth are key components to assessing how you will fit into a new work environment. It’s also important to focus on your “soft skills”—aka, the skills that tie into your personality. Soft skills model the traits of a leader that the right company will be lucky to have. When you’re feeling discouraged, just remind yourself that your ability to speak confidently, understand social cues, and act as a team player are great assets for any position. Believe in yourself!

#5 Make a list of top priorities

What are the most important things you are looking for in a new position? Maybe you’re looking for is flexibility to work a hybrid schedule, or maybe you prioritize a strong work culture. For some, employee benefits are the most important, while others look for growth potential within a company. While all of these things are important, make a list of your deal-breakers. These will be good talking points to discuss in your interviews and help you to refine your search.

#6 Remember: If it’s meant to be, it will be

Don’t get hung up on a position if the company doesn’t end up taking you on as an employee. There are other opportunities for which you are a better fit. Look at closed doors as opportunities for newer (and better!) open ones.


Staying motivated during the job hunt can be hard, but keep our tips in mind, and don’t give up! If you think back, your ability to push through hard times likely built your resilience and character. Whether you are trying to switch career paths or bilaterally change to a similar position within a new company – finding a new job can be exciting! Keep sending out your resume, browse LinkedIn for mutual connections at interesting companies, reach out to your network of connections you’ve made over the years, and know that you can always turn to a professional and experienced recruiter at Career Group Companies to assist you in the hunt.

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