How To Increase LinkedIn Presence

Hiring managers and recruiters source top talent in many ways – job boards, resume databases, and word of mouth, among others. One of the most popular recruiting tools is LinkedIn, a forum for building your professional brand and expanding on your resume. No matter your industry, having a current presence on LinkedIn is an excellent way to foster your professional network online. To make sure your LinkedIn persona is the best it can be, start with these three steps.

Step #1 – Keep your profile current.

You would never present someone with an out-of-date resume, and the same goes for your LinkedIn profile – keep it as current as possible by focusing on these key areas:

  • Photo – Keep it professional and recent, ideally taken in the last calendar year. For more specifics, check out this article.
  • Location – List where you are currently living (not where you want to work)
  • Education/Experience – Highlight your accomplishments and promotions, and make sure all dates are accurate
  • Skills – List the most relevant skills to your industry and remember to always be honest. If you’re looking to narrow those down more, this article’s a good place to start.

Along with staying current, your LinkedIn profile should have the same content as your resume. While it shouldn’t be copied verbatim, the information should be the same. Because LinkedIn is an online forum, you also have the opportunity to expand on this experience - adding things like your portfolio or presentations and projects you’ve worked on in previous positions will impress potential employers!

Step #2 – Own your professional interests.

Just as important as the information you’re putting out is the information you’re receiving. Follow companies within your industry or the industry that you want to work in - this will ensure information about open positions and industry news will show up in your newsfeed. Think of it like Facebook or Instagram – the more specific you are about the topics you like, the more tailored your content will be.In the same way, following LinkedIn influencers like powerful CEOs or famous designers will further refine your presence. Some of these individuals often post about their own professional experiences too. Hello, free career advice!

Step #3 – Engage with your Network.

Every Instagram blogger knows: a beautiful profile and curated newsfeed doesn’t mean much if you’re not engaging with the users around you. Like and comment on things like professional updates and interesting articles, and post regularly about your own achievements and experiences. If you’re looking for more specifics, check out this article on upping your LinkedIn engagement. All of this engagement will show your network that you’re interested in building your presence on LinkedIn and keep you top-of-mind. When they need someone with your expertise, you’ll be the first they call!LinkedIn is one of the most powerful tools you have in building your professional network and brand. By keeping your profile current, owning your interests, and engaging with your community, you will be on your way to attracting the right network to help you find your dream job.To learn more about our open roles, check out our job opportunities page!

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