How to Hire the Right Talent for your Tech Startup

The most valuable tool to generate success for your tech startup isn't a catchy name or a showstopping logo. It's the people who use their skills and personality to work tirelessly toward shared goals. A pragmatic, motivated team is the driving force behind planning and innovation, which will take your company to the level of success you know it can achieve. Finding the talent needed to fill available roles is not always easy, especially when you're at the starting line. In fact, 73% of tech recruiters expect to have difficulty filling IT positions in the coming year. As a startup, you'll need to consider ways to separate yourself from the competition and find resources that will allow you access to top talent. These tips can help you hire the right talent for your tech startup, which will provide the outstanding company culture and high performance your business deserves.

Develop an Appealing and Transparent Employer Brand

If you're a small firm hoping to compete with big tech companies for top talent, you’ll need to offer something unique. Instead of building a reputation for a company that hasn't quite taken off yet, consider the unique value you can offer your employees. A recent Gallup study revealed the top things employees want in a new job. While better pay came in at number one, 61% of job seekers desire a greater work-life balance and better personal wellbeing, and 58% are looking for opportunities to do what they do best.Today's employees are seeking more from their jobs than just a paycheck. Candidates are seeking flexible PTO, remote work options, strong company values, and a positive company culture. By advertising the ways your company is appealing to potential employees, you're more likely to target the reasons candidates are seeking a new position.

Build Connections that are Meant to Last

The intense nature of growing a startup isn't the same as maintaining a successful business. This means that the talent you think isn't right for your company now, might be a fit at a later stage in your company’s growth. When you build a professional network, you can reconnect with talented employees who might be in a better position to join your business as it grows. For example, you might not be ready to bring in Customer Success Managers today, but in a few months developing a team of CSMs could be crucial. Long-term relationships with recruiters who understand your company's culture and help you hire talent appropriate for your stage of growth can be another great way to build your professional network.

Partner with a Recruiting Firm That Specializes in Tech

The ability to find top talent and the connections to access that talent are two very different things. In a survey, 31% of hiring managers cited limitations of currently available hiring sources as the major blocker to meeting their hiring needs. Recruiters and talent acquisition specialists work with hiring managers to find the best candidate for open job positions. When businesses build long-term relationships with tech recruiting firms, they have the opportunity to develop a consistent hiring source for current and future goals. At SB Tech, our Senior Search Consultants are experts in the tech and go-to-market industries. We are forming long-term relationships with both candidates and clients every day. Our clients trust us to find their perfect match because of our extensive network of high-caliber talent and our rigorous search and screening process. By partnering with tech staffing specialists as a startup, you'll have the opportunity to continually meet hiring goals as you develop your ideal company culture.

Consider the Value of Remote Employees

While you might think that an on-site staff is more productive, it's been proven that 77% of remote workers are more productive than their in-office counterparts. It's no secret that professionals are looking for a more flexible work schedule, and many companies are making adjustments to meet those desires. 4.3 million people in the US work from home at least half the time, and 74% of workers would quit their jobs if offered more flexible options elsewhere. By offering a flexible schedule, you could potentially attract talented candidates that couldn’t consider your company otherwise. Besides offering one of the most sought-after benefits employees currently seek, remote positions widen your candidate talent pool and help you reduce overhead costs.

Know the Value of Soft Skills

When it comes to technology, you can count on one thing: change is on the horizon. The same could be said for any startup business. The rapid rate of technological changes means that today's cutting-edge skills could be outdated in only a few years. Similarly, some task requirements of a rapidly growing startup will change considerably as your company becomes more predictable.Soft skills (also called transferable skills) are the things that make an individual naturally good at what they do. While education and experience hold an important position in tech-based positions, soft skills are the qualities that help professionals thrive in a specific environment. When creating job postings and interviewing candidates, consider the value of these transferable skills that professionals bring to the table.

  • Time Management
  • Communication
  • Problem-Solving
  • Teamwork
  • Leadership

More than half of new businesses fail within the first year. While it might seem like the odds are stacked against your startup, wise hiring decisions could be the secret sauce that launches your tech startup toward success. Getting the right employees on board in the early stages of your business ensures they grow with you and become an important contributor to reaching your goals. Plus, hiring the right talent helps you avoid turnover costs that could deplete your funds quickly.

Working with the Senior Search Consultants at SB Tech can give you an edge over the competition and introduce you to talented candidates that aren't found on traditional job boards. For nearly four decades, we've partnered with job seekers and companies alike to cultivate perfect career matches for administrative, creative, digital, fashion, and executive professionals at top companies nationwide. Learn more about how we can act as a strategic advisor to help you grow your tech startup into a successful business.

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