What Will the Hiring Landscape Look Like in 2024?

We are all wondering what the hiring landscape will look like in 2024. With fluctuating markets over the past years we saw hiring boom in 2021 and 2022, then observed as companies cut down on excess costs and restructured teams to meet new business demands in 2023. Heading into this year, we’re excited to see hiring continue at a strong and steady pace while setting the precedent for a stabilized post-pandemic market.

What’s on the horizon for CGC in 2024?  

We are extremely excited for what this year holds. As we continue to grow we are expanding our offerings to meet our client’s needs. We have seen increased momentum in the private sector, and in response have expanded our already vast network of private services and family office talent. In 2023, we also launched our newest office in Dallas, Texas, and have hit the ground running.

Looking to 2024, we are anticipating that the market will be picking up at a healthy pace and we are excited for the stability and longevity of what is to come. As we come out of a year of unpredictability, 2024 promises to bring new opportunities for growth and long-term success for companies of all sizes across industries. You can read our in-depth predictions for 2024 in the Career Group Companies Market Trend Report. Download industry-specific data for all your hiring needs, and get the 2024 salary guides to inform your career search in 2024.

Here are some of our predictions for hiring in 2024:

The Return of Office Culture in a Hybrid World

In 2024, candidates are expecting an increased emphasis on flexibility. Many of our clients have already embraced the hybrid work model, while others are focused on revitalizing their company culture and bringing teams back to the office for team building and collaboration. Fully remote jobs are becoming scarce in most industries – with the creative and tech industries as outliers.

Flexibility Beyond WFH

Flexibility is in high demand, but there is more than one way to offer it. Beyond working from home, flexibility can extend to working hours, PTO, and more. Employers that don’t offer any form of flexibility are having the most hiring challenges because it is still a top priority for talent.

Other ways to promote flexibility:

  • Choice of hours or choice of shifts
  • Flexible arrangements, like part-time work
  • Compressed workweeks – 4 longer days of work instead of 5 shorter days
  • Increased PTO
  • Half-day Fridays, longer lunch breaks, or paid sabbaticals

AI as a Tool

Artificial intelligence, despite its incredible capabilities, will never replace the human element of hiring. The act of assessing a candidate goes beyond their on-paper qualifications; it's about assessing the person, their cultural fit, their potential, and the unique value they bring to an organization. AI, however, can be a powerful tool to assist in hiring. Explore tools that assist with scheduling or generating job descriptions, or even consider AI-powered ATS. Leaning on AI as a tool will free up more time to focus on the human-centric elements of hiring.

The job market is ever-evolving and we are staying on top of the latest trends so we can better serve our clients and candidates. The New Year is a great time to look for a new job, and it is also a great time to hire talent. Start your search today with the recruiting experts at Career Group Companies.

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