Growing Hospitality Trends Affecting Hiring in 2024

In 2024, the hospitality industry is booming as we experience a post pandemic world. With travel and live events back in full swing, hotels and restaurants across the nation are expanding into new markets and launching new concepts. As the market evolves, hiring in hospitality does as well. Here are the top hospitality trends we notice are affecting hiring in 2024:  

Growing Markets – Miami and Dallas

Although New York, Los Angeles, and Chicago have always been the primary leaders in the hospitality industry, Miami and Dallas are rapidly growing. As our clients chase after these new markets, they are leaning on us heavily for new openings. Across the hospitality industry, new openings are challenging and one of the most difficult things a company can go through. The first 3-6 months after opening of a hotel or restaurant really set the tone for the lifespan of the business and having a dedicated team is critical to the success of any new opening.

With a curated search, we recruit for talent who has prior experience with new openings and who are ready for the level of training and development that this type of challenge requires. Our clients rely on us to staff the best of the hospitality industry as they grow and open new locations.

Restaurants – Chef-Driven Concepts

Larger hospitality companies that are well established and have large operations are focusing on opening smaller concepts that are more chef driven. With health and unique experiences being at the forefront of consumers’ minds, having skilled chefs with strong experience and differentiators has become a major priority. As our clients grow, they are looking for skilled chefs to lead their new concepts and inspire brand growth across markets.

Staffing for these new chef-driven concepts is not just about talent and experience, but team dynamics as well. These concepts necessitate a smaller, more dynamic team that is more specialized and impactful. This requires us to get a little bit more niche and utilize our networks and extensive searches to find the absolute top talent to help launch these concepts.

Lifestyle Experiences

One avenue of hospitality that has been growing is multi-unit lifestyle concepts. Inclusive of food and beverage outlets (restaurants and bars) in partnership with hotels and often residential buildouts. Some are even home to private member clubs. These concepts provide guests with both the option to dine locally or travel to other metropolitan hubs that these groups reside in, offering complete immersion into the lifestyle and brand identity of each specific company.

As recruiters, we use our expertise to reach and recruit the top talent in all corners of the hospitality industry. Our hands-on approach allows us to work flexibly and intimately with our clients to meet their needs, unique to their establishments and locations.  

Market Competition

The hospitality industry is heating up – and so is the talent. People have always been at the heart of the hospitality industry, so it is no wonder why the best candidates are receiving competitive offers from the top brands in this industry. Most top candidates have multiple offers on the table, so speed is critical when hiring and it is imperative to move swiftly to secure the best talent in the industry.

Corporate Staffing

As brands grow and open new locations, corporate teams are growing as well. Positions such as Corporate Executive Chefs, Event Sales Managers, Project Managers, Social Media Managers, and Marketing Managers are hot roles for our clients building their brands in the hospitality space.

As the hospitality industry continues to evolve, so do we. Our recruiting experts take a hands-on approach to adapt and grow with the needs of the market, keeping our clients ahead of the curve and ready to take on new challenges.  

If you are building your team, prepping for a new opening, or entering a new market, we are eager to partner with you to find the best talent the industry has to offer. Head to our Hire Talent page to get in touch with our dedicated hospitality recruiters or explore our latest insights on the hiring market with our 2024 Market Trend Report. If you are looking for your next opportunity in the hospitality industry, explore our open roles and connect with our teams on our Find Work page or on our LinkedIn. Let’s find your people!

Heather Hones

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A native of Minneapolis, Minnesota, Heather attended the University of Missouri, Columbia to earn her degree in Textile and Apparel Management/Marketing and Merchandising. Prior to her current position, she was a stylist at Nordstrom. Now, working for both the Fourth Floor Team and Career Group Team, she enjoys pursuing a career where she can combine her love for networking with people along with her interest in fashion and sales. When she’s not in the office, you can find her walking down by the seaport or searching for New York’s strongest coffee!

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