5 Tips for a Positive Return to the Office

For many employees, remote work during the pandemic meant a more relaxed lifestyle and spending more time with family. It's great to work in your pajamas and chat with the kids while taking care of office tasks. Yet, for many, distractions at home mean the line between office time and personal time gets blurred beyond recognition, and pajamas and sweats become a not-so-exciting uniform.When the big day for your office return is on the horizon, you may have mixed feelings about returning to the office. However, returning to in-person work is a positive experience for many professionals. As the line between work and home becomes clearer, you may find yourself enjoying more quality time with your family rather than just time spent in the same space. Your regular routine can inspire healthy habits, and you finally have a reason to get out of those sweats. As you look forward to your return to the office, use these 5 tips to banish your anxiety and look forward to rejoining your colleagues in the office.

1. Update Your Wardrobe

A stylish wardrobe is a great way to inspire confidence and make you want to get out of the house. Remember back-to-school shopping? The hardest decision quickly became which outfit to wear on the first day. You deserve to have that same excitement as an adult. Whether you gained a few pounds while staying at home or improved your fitness routine and got in shape, your clothes should make you feel confident about spending time around your coworkers.Begin by taking inventory of your closest and organizing your favorite work items. Set aside what doesn't fit for tailoring or donation. Make a list of essentials you need to purchase to complete your wardrobe. Arrange a shopping trip to purchase the items you need and want for your triumphant work return. Whether you prefer to shop online or in a physical store, don't be afraid to indulge in an impulse purchase or two.  

2. Refresh Your Hairstyle

While hat hair or a permanent ponytail might have been perfectly acceptable for Zoom meetings, a return to the physical office calls for an updated hairstyle. At home hair cuts and colors were popular during the pandemic, as were more relaxed hair care routines. For your return to work, it's time to consider the style you want for your professional life. If you're thinking of trying a new style, you're probably not alone. According to NYC-based hairstylist, Rodney Cutler, many clients are more open to new hairstyles and seeking ways to reinvent themselves. Whether you choose a modern style, or your signature look, adopt the look that makes you feel confident about returning to the public world.

3. Invest in Office Decorations

There's no reason your office space has to be stark and unattractive. Purchasing a small plant, decorations in your favorite colors, or matching office supplies can make your office space feel a little brighter. Choose framed photos or other items from home to make your office transition more comfortable. When personalizing your office, remember to maintain professionalism. This means keeping your workspace clean enough to maintain functionality and leaving overly personal photos at home. You can also make your workspace healthy and comfortable with a good office chair or back cushion and a desk lamp for softer lighting.

4. Find Ways to Make Your Commute Enjoyable

In a recent survey, 79% of respondents named the lack of commute as one of the best things about working from home. Your commute to and from work might be time-consuming, but it doesn't have to be a waste of time. Instead of dreading your commute, dream up ways to make it a productive or simply enjoyable time.Create a commute playlist to listen to your favorite songs on the way to work. If music isn't your preferred way to relax, consider an audiobook or a podcast. If you’re lucky enough to live close to work, the summer is a great time to try alternative commutes, like walking or renting a bike. It can be a great way to work some movement into an otherwise stationary day, which is proven to positively impact your mental health!

5. Make Plans to Socialize

According to a recent survey, 60% of employees want to return to work in 2022 to meet new coworkers and catch up with old ones. Before you return, think about the relationships you let lapse and how you can reconnect before going back to work. Make plans to have coffee or lunch before returning to the office, or arrange for a team outing!Upon returning to the office, consider taking breaks at scheduled times with coworkers and going out with the team for lunch. Socializing is a big part of in-office collaboration and part of the reason employers are eager to bring their teams back.

How to Prepare for a Career Change After Pandemic Job Loss

While thousands of people worked remotely during the pandemic, many employees were furloughed or lost their jobs due to businesses closing. Losing your job is stressful, but it can also present an opportunity. Whether you're interested in taking a new career path or finding a new position in the industry you were in before the pandemic began it's a great time to consider your options.No matter your situation, working with a recruiting firm can make your job search easier. Recruiting firms act as a bridge between employers and job seekers. A professional recruitment firm can act as an advisor, help you update your resume, and even provide advice to help you with your interview. At Career Group Companies, we take a new approach to helping talented recruits make their perfect career match. If traditional job searches fail to meet your needs or take your education and experience into consideration, it's time for a new job search experience. Learn how working with our recruiters can give you the inside track to jobs not found on traditional job boards. Contact us to learn more or begin the process to find work.

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