11 Ideas to Celebrate National Fun at Work Day

While you hopefully have fun in your office every day, January 27 is recognized as National Fun at Work Day. This holiday provides an opportunity for companies across the country to bring something extra special into their workspaces. Not only can Fun at Work Day help to build team morale, celebrating your office can show the appreciation you have for those you work with and the culture your company has cultivated.  With National Fun at Work Day approaching, we have brought together a list of our favorite ideas to celebrate in your office:  

Dress It Down

Depending on what your office dress code is normally, it can be a fun idea to allow employees to dress down for Fun at Work Day. Encourage employees to wear casual clothes, things they feel comfortable in, or even pajamas! Casual dress may not work for every workplace, but there are still ways to change up the norm: encourage employees to wear something they might normally not. Colorful neckties, funny sweaters, and quirky socks are just a couple of ideas to bring some extra fun into the office.  

All Day Bingo

At the beginning of the day, provide everyone in the office with a bingo sheet. Throughout the day, announce numbers by email, intercom, or group message. Winners can receive prizes, like gift cards, catered lunch, or maybe even a special trophy!  This option can work especially well for an office that is primarily remote, or that has employees that will be working from home.  

Talent Show

Your office’s got talent! Host a talent show at lunch or the end of the day and encourage staff members to show off a special skill that their colleagues may not get to see regularly. Provide a space for the performances and offer refreshments to the audience and performers.  

Movie Day

Let the office kick back and enjoy a movie, TV show, or even some of their favorite short videos. Send out a form to employees prior to the event and allow them to vote on what they’d like to watch. Don’t forget to set up a comfy environment with plenty of blankets, chairs, beans bags, and snacks!  

Murder Mystery

Companywide games are a great way for coworkers on different teams to meet each other and collaborate in fun ways. Host a murder mystery party in your office and challenge the problem-solving skills of your colleagues. Assign everyone unique roles and even decorate your workplace with a fun theme. There are many ways to set up a murder mystery, search online for prewritten plot or create your own for something truly unique!  

Special Treats or Catered Lunch

Spice up the day with some special treats or a catered lunch! Bring in a local vendor or favorite restaurant to add something fresh to your colleagues’ day.  If coordinating a group meal is something your office already does – encourage your office to host a potluck! Whether it’s breakfast, lunch, or an afternoon snack, bonding over a meal is a sure fire way to have fun at work.  

Bring Your Dog to Work Day

In workspaces that allow for it, encourage employees to bring their furry friends into the office! This may be a more logistically challenging activity but will boost morale and create a fun work environment for your staff and their pets! Be mindful that not everyone is a dog person so this may be a good activity for an environment where individuals can work from home.  

Office Trivia

Test your colleagues’ pop culture knowledge with trivia in the office! Organize by work teams or mix individuals from different divisions to get the conversations going. Make sure to decide on a prize ahead of time: a catered lunch or group activity make great prizes for these types of activities. For added fun – create a trivia category specific to your office! Quiz your coworkers on their knowledge of the company, industry, or their colleagues. The more inside jokes the better!  

Give Back

Turn your efforts beyond your office and find an opportunity to give back in your community. Organize a group outing to a local charity or volunteer event, find a local food drive, or coordinate donations amongst your team.  

Happy Hour

Plan a happy hour at a local bar or bring the drinks to your office for a relaxed afternoon and some quality team bonding!  If your team is virtual, encourage a BYOB Happy Hour where the office can interact through ice breakers and simple games while enjoying a drink.  


Show off your company’s celebration of National Fun at Work Day with an in-office photobooth! Bring in props, costumes, or a fun backdrop and encourage your staff to take photos throughout the day.  Make sure to post these photos to your company’s socials and create a shared album amongst your teams so everyone can be in on the fun.  

National Fun at Work Day is the perfect opportunity to boost morale and build company culture within your office – but the party doesn’t have to be restricted to just one day! Use these ideas for parties or events throughout the year and celebrate your colleagues in little ways every day.

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