10 Motivational Podcasts for your Morning Commute

More and more employees are returning to work, some full time, some on hybrid schedules. While there are many reasons to look forward to the return to the office, (yay, face-to-face collaboration) your morning commute may need a little refreshing. Whether you're one of the 17% of workers who relocated during the pandemic, or you have a short and convenient commute, your morning travels can be productive and motivational. Podcasts are a hands-off way to take in information that you can utilize during any type of commute. Regardless of what provides you with motivation to start your day, there are many podcasts that provide all types of inspiration. When looking for your daily dose of motivation, try one of these podcasts to begin your workday on the right foot.

1. The Happier Podcast

There's no such thing as too much happiness. If you're looking for a daily dose of appreciation, the Happier Podcast examines daily habits and the role they play in the overall quality of your life. From tips to stories or advice, you can find ways to be a little happier about all the situations you encounter each day. With more than 12 million downloads, The Happier Podcast proves that the little things are what make you happier.  

2. The Happen to Your Career Podcast

If your position isn't making your morning brighter, you might be seeking a career change. Happen to Your Career is a motivational podcast for employees looking for a new path. This podcast includes personal stories from top performers who found work that fits, advice about moving forward in difficult situations, and making career decisions. While you're traveling, you can concentrate on achieving your career goals and finding ways to move forward. If you're seeking a new position or transitioning between careers, find work with personalized services from Career Group.

3. Hurdle

If your focus is on health, Hurdle is a fitness podcast that features people facing hurdles in life. Whether your return to work is cutting into your fitness routine or you're seeking ways to improve your health, this podcast teaches listeners how to integrate wellness into their daily routines to reduce stress and anxiety. Topics range from getting started with running, to advice from a professional dietician, and finding time for fitness.

4. Stuff You Should Know

If you like learning, spouting random facts, or just sharing information, Stuff You Should Know is a podcast that offers a fun way to start your day. Enjoy learning with no pressure from over 1,600 episodes that provide listeners with all the information they wish they had time to learn. Episode titles range from "Death from Astral Projection" to "What Happens When the Government Thinks You're Dead?" or "Why Bowling is Awesome." Be sure to check out this podcast for interesting facts and cool things you should know!

5. Before Breakfast

Mornings are busy, as is the rest of the day. If you could use some advice on managing your time, the Before Breakfast podcast provides time management strategies in bite-sized episodes that are less than 10 minutes each. Listeners learn to make the most of their time at work and at home. These podcasts are designed to fit into any routine to help listeners feel less busy and get more done.

6. Accidental Creative

The Accidental Creative features 15-20 minute podcasts with topics that range from finding happiness to creating your best work. Episodes come in the form of interviews and conversations with top thinkers, leaders, and artists who offer advice and tips surrounding teamwork, professional success, productivity, self-improvement, and more.  

7. The Daily Boost

In addition to your morning coffee, the Daily Boost podcast is an addictive way to jumpstart your morning with inspirational messages that get you ready to conquer your day. With advice about how to stay positive and accomplish your goals, you can get every day started on the right foot. Packed with a balance of humor and wisdom, titles include "Life Altering Questions," "Taking Action in Your Life Easily", and "The Secret to Setting the Right Goals."

8. The School of Greatness

Packed with topics that describe real-life experiences, The School of Greatness podcast offers life lessons to overcome all types of obstacles. Interviews and masterclasses provided by business professionals, parents, and celebrities provide advice surrounding physical and mental wellness, overcoming obstacles, and achieving success in different areas of life. Whether you hope to make a global impact, find your dream career, or balance your professional and parenting responsibilities, it's easy to find inspiration in these podcasts.

9. Pop Culture Happy Hour

If you're looking for fun and entertainment before you start your busy day, the Pop Culture Happy Hour provides a refreshing way to keep up with movies, TV, series, books, and comics. Each episode is less than 30 minutes long and offers a fun way to keep up with everything modern with clever and stimulating discussions. With recommendations and commentary on everything from books to video games, you'll always know what to watch on Netflix or the author of your next great read. You might even have the most interesting water cooler topic of the day.

10. The Tim Ferriss Show

Tim Ferriss is an entrepreneurial author, public speaker, and businessman. However, his topics are 100% relatable to all types of people, including those in a traditional work environment. With over 700M downloads, The Tim Ferriss Show is often ranked the #1 business podcast. Each episode uncovers how world-class performers in business, entertainment, sports, investing, etc. reach astounding levels of success. Guest speakers include Hugh Jackman, Dr. Jane Goodall, Neil Gaiman, Kevin Hart, Whitney Cummings, and more.

These podcasts offer a fun way to start each day with inspiration and motivation. Start each day looking forward to your morning commute and find tips and tricks to help you manage your time, succeed in your career, or simply pass the time with some motivational entertainment. Sometimes motivation is only a few tips away. Sometimes true success and happiness come with a radical change that transforms your life. Beyond these podcasts, If you're looking for a new opportunity in your career, the recruiting experts at Career Group Companies can help. Learn how working with our recruiters can give you the inside track to jobs not found on traditional job boards. Contact us to learn more or begin the process to find work.

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