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Employee Benefits Specialist

Job Duties:

-Manage the entire accommodation process in-house, from initial intake to finalizing agreements, including reviewing medical documentation and negotiating accommodations.
-Serve as the main contact for accommodation cases, including those potentially leading to termination decisions, and effectively communicate decisions to employees.
-Conduct interviews and utilize comprehensive case management skills to handle diverse accommodation requests, including religious accommodations, beyond traditional medical cases.
-Apply knowledge and ensure compliance of California employment laws and regulations, given the majority of the company's headcount is in California
Provide support and guidance to employees and managers throughout the accommodation process, including performing regular check-ins to ensure effectiveness.
-Collaborate with relevant stakeholders, including managers and HR, to facilitate successful accommodation outcomes while maintaining confidentiality and sensitivity to individual needs.


-3+ years experience managing leaves of absence and reasonable accommodations
-Certified in Disability Management, Rehabilitation Counseling, and Vocational Rehabilitation preferred
-Experience with ADA, Family and Medical Leave Act, EEOC, and California labor laws

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