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Associate Director for Youtube Ads

A software company is looking for an Associate Director specifically for YouTube Ads. The ideal candidate will have 3+ years of direct experience with various YouTube ad formats and goals, and a deep knowledge of Google Ads functionalities. They must exhibit meticulous attention to detail, strong quantitative skills, as well as outstanding communication abilities.



PAY: $40 - $50/HR


•Take full responsibility for setting up and optimizing YouTube ad campaigns as the main channel manager.
•Handle all YouTube ad formats (Bumper, Skippable, Non-skippable) in Google Ads/Google Ads Editor, focusing on both Awareness and Conversion Goals.
•Collaborate with pre-sales teams to offer pricing and recommendations for YouTube campaigns.
•Serve as the main point of contact for both live and upcoming campaigns, making requested changes and ensuring client needs are met.
•Oversee campaign pacing and make necessary adjustments to budgets and bids to ensure complete delivery.


•A Bachelor’s degree.
•3+ years of direct experience with various YouTube ad formats and goals (Awareness, Traffic, and Video Actions).
•Deep knowledge of Google Ads functionalities, including KPI optimization, audience targeting, pixel/tag setup, and bid/budget control.
•Strong skills in quantitative analysis.
•High level of attention to detail.
•Outstanding communication abilities.

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