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Chief of Staff - Tech Firm

Our client a Tech Firm is seeking a Chief of Staff to join their team in Miami.


  • Teaming up with top-tier executives to chalk out and prioritize strategic business moves.
  • Being the chief executive’s personal timekeeper, orchestrating their schedule and planning essential travels.
  • Guiding department heads with expert advice to enhance overall team efficiency.
  • Keeping meetings focused and planning and coordinating them effectively.
  • Setting key performance indicators to measure and improve team performance.
  • Providing hands-on support to transform ideas into reality and monitor their progress.
  • Acting on behalf of the chief executives to answer inquiries.
  • Steering strategic business initiatives from genesis to fruition.
  • Pinpointing and addressing core issues within business processes.
  • Presenting the chief executive and other senior leaders with detailed company operations analysis.
  • Evaluating risk factors when making critical business decisions.
  • Completing special projects and initiatives with skillful oversight and support.
  • Leading meetings and workshops with meticulous planning and coordination.
  • Identifying areas of improvement across the organization and making actionable recommendations.

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