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Developer / Web Design

A design firm is looking for a Developer / Web Designer to assist with implementing custom layouts and content changes. The ideal candidate will excel in optimizing websites for desktop, mobile, and iPad breakpoints while adhering to strict design rules, maintaining brand consistency, and delivering visually captivating results. They should demonstrate proficiency in custom coding, possess a keen sensitivity to design aesthetics, and collaborate effectively with the team for design element support and guidance.

Job Details


PAY: $40-$65/hr


•Creation of user-friendly, brand-appropriate, and functional websites tailored to client needs and objectives.
•Implement layout and content modifications (custom coding required as it's not within WordPress).
•Optimize for various breakpoints including desktop, mobile, and iPad.
•Ensure adherence to design guidelines, emphasizing brand consistency and aesthetic appeal.
•Collaborate with our team for design elements and assistance as necessary.
•Provide proactive troubleshooting and anticipation of potential issues, providing informed solutions.
•Interpret creative briefs and pose relevant questions for diverse client projects
•Maintenance of organized files.
•Assist with collaborative approach with clients and team members throughout the design process.
•Generate innovative ideas for new design and development projects, as well as enhancements to existing ones.
•Conduct thorough testing using Litmus across multiple devices to ensure optimal appearance.

•Proficient in HTML, WordPress, and Elegant Themes, as well as experienced with platforms like Wix for start-up clients.
•Familiarity with SEO best practices for advisory purposes.
•Proficiency in Adobe CC and Microsoft Office applications.
•Expertise in responsive web design principles and frameworks, ensuring optimal user experience across various devices and screen sizes.
•Strong proficiency in JavaScript and CSS preprocessors (such as Sass or Less) for advanced front-end development and enhanced website interactivity.

Please submit your resume and/or professional portfolio for consideration!

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