Top Creative & Marketing Jobs in Demand 2022

The events of 2020 are still reshaping the job market with such changes as more hybrid and fully remote roles. Though there have been massive shifts, we are still seeing growth across many industries and in many fields - especially within creative, marketing, and tech. Our digital world is evolving rapidly and with it, so is the job market.  As companies in every industry are pivoting to meet the needs of their customers, the demand for skilled digital, marketing  and creative candidates continues to increase. Some things that are causing such a demand for more creative and marketing jobs are:

  • Customers, audiences, and users have gone online
  • Companies are relying heavily on digital correspondence tools for sales and customer communication
  • Hiring strategy is  more carefully calculated than ever before
  • Creative and graphic skills are a huge asset
  • Skills that cover multiple positions will be sought after by employers

Creative & Marketing Jobs in Demand in 2022

While the promise of effective vaccines brings new hope for future employment, many of the restrictions imposed by the virus are expected to remain. In fact, a recent Gartner poll suggests that 48% of employees will likely work remotely at least part of the time moving forward. As a result, both employers and consumers are using technology more than ever. As people continue to take advantage of these conveniences, technical specialists and creative/marketing experts will be working harder than ever to meet the demand. As things evolve toward a new normal, expect to see these creative, marketing, and tech  jobs in demand in 2022.

Digital Designers

Modern advertising and remote customer experiences depend heavily on polished graphic art to span across a variety of mediums and platforms. The role of Digital Designer is all encompassing, spanning everything from UX/UI design for websites,  to social media and digital banners, and beyond. Skills as a Motion Graphics Designer  are another plus, as this person can create animated sequences for digital advertising and social media.

Product/App Designers

It’s no secret that product/app designers are highly sought after. A Product Designer is someone who can translate business goals and objectives into beautiful and intuitive online experiences for the consumer, often building products or apps from scratch. As more companies shift to online marketplaces and experiences, product and app design is more important than ever, and hiring the right candidate is critical. Product Managers are also in high demand, as these key individuals will oversee product design, sample production, product testing, and all related aspects of a product life cycle.

Performance/Growth Marketing Managers

In the creative and tech markets, Marketers are focused on growing their consumer base and tracking the performance of advertising campaigns. Here is where a Growth Marketing Manager or Performance Marketing Manager steps in, respectively. If you’re focused on growth, you’re responsible for creating strategies to acquire new customers and retain existing customers. If you’re a performance based marketer, you are creating paid advertising campaigns that perform, meaning they have measurable results, like clicks or sales. These fields are perfect for the true right brain/left brain thinker -  allowing the creativity of marketing combined with KPIs and quantifiable results.

UX/UI Designer

A positive user experience online is more essential than ever. A UX/UI Designer is responsible for the design and implementation of a successful user interface - think, creating a seamless experience for the consumer who visits your brand’s site or online platform. This often involves conducting user research to better understand how a consumer will interact with your site, and thinking about how best to layout, design, and arrange information. This position is perfect for someone who is both highly creative and has the technological experience to keep up with changing trends in user interface technology.

Brand Manager/Designer

Establishing a visible brand identity is the only way to make a company stand out in today's competitive market. A Brand Manager is responsible for creating brand strategies and marketing initiatives to boost visibility, while a Branding Designer will work to design a memorable brand identity and product recognition. Individuals that thrive in these roles are typically creative, big picture  thinkers who possess strong communication skills in order to successfully collaborate with multiple departments.

Marketing Content Creator

A Marketing Content Creator will wear many hats  and should possess a diverse set of creative skills. If a company has a leaner hiring budget, they may opt to hire a broadly skilled content creator over more specialized copywriters, designers, and producers. This person will be responsible for creating high-quality content to successfully reach and engage a company’s target audience. This might include blog writing, social media posts, videos, website content, marketing and sales materials, and more. If you are a skilled writer and enjoy creating new and engaging content, this may be a great role to explore!

Other Predictions for Jobs in demand 2021

Other high-demand creative & marketing jobs for 2021 will be:

  • Digital Marketing Directors
  • Product Managers
  • Business Development Associates
  • E-Commerce Specialists
  • Marketing Analytics Manager

How a Syndicatebleu Recruiter Can Launch Your Job Search

This list is just the beginning. There are roles in every sector emerging for creative and marketing talent, and companies are eager to make these hires. However, the pandemic and related restrictions have affected the hiring process. Remote onboarding and digital networking have made finding a job and hiring new applicants a little more complicated. Without in-person interviews, company tours, and orientations, matching personalities with a company's distinct culture is difficult. Luckily, the recruiting experts at Syndicatebleu have worked tirelessly to maintain the same standards for recruiting and connecting with top creative talent in the virtual age.We are committed to meeting our talent via video and phone calls, reviewing resumes and portfolios to get a sense of your unique aesthetic, and taking the time to connect on a deeper level so we can get a better sense of your career goals.  A recruiting partner can guide you as you craft an attention-grabbing resume and showcase your skills - an essential tool in this competitive job market. Applicants with the right assistance will access more opportunities in creative markets.

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