In Demand Tech Industry Jobs for 2022

Working in the competitive tech industry is a goal for many. As innovative startups change the game across industries - like FinTech, Enterprise, SaaS, Crypto & Blockchain - the demand for skilled tech savvy employees is higher than ever. Companies hoping to compete in the go-to-market space need out-of-the-box thinkers, whip-smart developers and designers, and strong marketers. Rapid growth in the tech sector combined with record-setting quit rates has created the perfect storm for a competitive tech industry hiring market. Tech companies are hiring at rapid speed in 2022. If you’re hoping to work in tech, it's important to know the facts about labor market shifts and the most in-demand tech industry jobs.

In-Demand Tech Industry Jobs for 2022

Whether you're searching for top tech industry talent or hoping to land your dream job in the exciting and disruptive tech space, it can be helpful to know the most in-demand tech jobs in 2022. Our collective digital evolution has been ongoing far before the pandemic, but the global shift to online experiences has created a hiring frenzy in the tech industry and an increased need for talent who has experience working with growth-stage and venture-backed startups. These tech industry jobs are expected to be in demand during 2022.

Software Developer/Engineer

Professionals responsible for designing, developing, and installing software systems are already in heavy demand. Savvy developers should be skilled in coding, designing, and building applications and websites. Knowledge of diverse programming languages and an understanding of client requirements are important, as well as strong communication and technical skills. A bachelor's degree in computer science and prior, proven experience is generally required. Within this field there are many specialities, like Video Game Developers, Back End/Front End Developers, Data Scientists, CRM Developers, and much more.

Product Designer

Product Designers are highly sought after in 2022. A Product Designer is essential in bringing a new tech product to market. This is an individual who can translate business goals and objectives into beautiful and intuitive online experiences for the consumer. Companies in the tech industry and SaaS space need clever product designers to help their product stand out in the crowded digital marketplace. Product Managers are also in high demand, as these key individuals will oversee product design, sample production, product testing, and all related aspects of a product life cycle.

Growth and Performance Marketers

In the tech and go-to-market industry, growth is essential. Tech industry marketing jobs are hyper-specialized on two things: growing a user base and tracking the performance of advertising campaigns. Here is where a Growth Marketing Manager or Performance Marketing Manager steps in, respectively. If you’re focused on growth, you’re interested in new customer acquisition and retaining existing users. You may craft strategies aimed at growing your company’s user base. If you’re a performance based marketer, you are creating paid advertising campaigns that perform, meaning they have measurable results, like downloads or clicks - which has a direct influence on a growth-stage company’s success. These fields are perfect for the true right brain/left brain thinker -  allowing the creativity of marketing combined with KPIs and quantifiable results.

Web Developers and Web/UX Designers

Web developers are responsible for developing web-based applications, while web designers are responsible for designing the layout, usability, and visual appearance of a website or app. Both of these roles include elements of UX (user experience) design and implementation. Strong coding skills and knowledge of multiple programming languages are a must, as well as strong communication skills, plus an eye for visual design that understands how users will interact with a product. These are critical and highly cross-functional positions which bring together elements of tech, creative, product, and marketing teams.  

Systems Architects and Security Analysts

With the digital evolution comes an advanced need for strong systems designed to prevent cyber attacks or security breaches. System Architects are responsible for everything that allows a company’s infrastructure to function, including configuring, operating and performing maintenance on network and computer systems. They are usually experts in hardware, software, firewalls, servers, and security. Information security analysts are responsible for designing and implementing IT security systems and solutions to ensure the company's networks are protected. Experience with installing, upgrading, and testing security systems is required, as well as strong communication skills.

Tips for Hiring Tech Industry Professionals in 2022

It's been dubbed The Great Regression, The Great Reshuffle, and a Worker Revolution. Over 38 million workers quit their jobs in 2021. Yet, many of these employees aren't leaving the workforce altogether. Data from the US Bureau of Labor Statistics shows 4.3 million voluntary quits in December and 6.3 million new hires. This comparison is important for companies hoping to replenish their workforce or add new talent to their staff. Yet, high turnover and a competitive job market can make recruiting tech professionals a challenge. These tips can help you navigate the current job market for success in hiring tech professionals in 2022.

Expand Your Talent Pool

41% of workers considering leaving their jobs are seeking flexible and/or remote work. For many, improved work/life balance was something that didn't seem attainable in the past. However, pandemic restrictions helped debunk common remote work myths. Although recruiting remote workers can mean taking a different approach, it also offers a wider talent pool, which is critical in a tight labor market. Luckily, the tech industry is already leading the way in terms of competitive perks and remote capabilities.

Invest in a Recruiting Partner

The demand for recruiters and talent acquisition specialists has soared over the last few months - meaning there has been a lot of internal HR reshuffling. Recruitment tactics are changing to keep up with the rapid speed of employee demands. For HR departments already swamped, learning and applying new methods could cost your company more than bringing on a recruitment partner. Recruiters have access to the leading job platforms and sourcing tools and can dedicate 100% of their time to finding your perfect startup candidate. At Career Group Companies, we also have a dedicated team of tech industry and startup specialists who excel at recruiting top talent and advising on hiring best practices. After all, knowing who to bring in and when can make all the difference for a growth-stage or venture-backed company.

Consider the Value of Skills-Based Hiring and Developmental Opportunities

More than 1 million fewer students are enrolled in college now than before the pandemic began. Due to the strain of pandemic restrictions on higher education facilities and the explosive growth of technology, many workers are aware that learned skill sets won't provide lasting knowledge in today's workforce. 87% of millennials say that learning and development in the workplace is important. When employers adopt strategies to understand how today's soft skills will translate into tomorrow's talent, they can invest in employees in a way that promotes engagement and increases retainment.Especially in the tech industry, where you may be the first company of your kind, expecting candidates to have exact industry experience may be impossible. Instead, lean into transferable skills and relevant knowledge that might make for a more interesting hire. If you’re hiring for a FinTech company, your ideal candidate might come out of the finance industry, rather than the tech industry. Having developmental opportunities in place will only increase your options.

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